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Push Buttons & Switch Accessories

Push button and switch accessories are additional components that can be added to push buttons and switches to enhance their functionality or customize their appearance. Some of the common push button switch accessories are:

Contact blocks: These are electrical components that can be added to pushbutton switches to provide additional contacts for electrical circuits. Legend plates: These are plates that can be attached to push buttons or switches to provide descriptive text or symbols for identification purposes. Bezels: These are decorative rings that can be used to improve the appearance of push buttons or switches. Spring returns: These are components that allow push buttons or switches to return to their original position after being actuated. Selector switches: A selector switch allows the user to select from a number of different positions or modes of operation.

Push button and switch accessories can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different applications and preferences. Some popular brands that manufacture push button switch accessories include Schneider Electric and Phoenix Contact.


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Eaton E22B20 - Standard Contact Block, E22 Pushbutton, 22.5 mm, Non-metallic Heavy-Duty, 2NO
Eaton E22DE - E22 pushbutton light unit, 22.5 mm, Light units w/o lamp, Replacement parts, LED, Full voltage, Tall or standard
Eaton C22-MS - C22 pushbutton mounting ring tool, Pilot Devices Mounting Ring Tool
Eaton E22LRM - Locating Ring E22 Pushbutton, 22.5 mm, Non-metallic Heavy-Duty, Locating ring, All operators
Eaton 10250TC47-EXC - 10250T pushbutton lens with white "P" inscription
Eaton 10250ED1388 - 10250T Pushbutton accessory, Push pull red lens with special engraving
Eaton 10250T42EC - 10250T pushbutton contact block, 10250T series, Logic Level Contact Block, 2NO, amber, Spade terminal
Eaton 10250TA14 - 10250T pushbutton operator button, 10250T series, Pushbutton Operator Button, Black actuator, Legend: Blank legend, Lever
Eaton M22-XCK-ETCH - M22 pushbutton legend plate, M22 Modular Pushbutton Legend Plate, Complete, 22.5 mm, Button: Silver, Inscription: Custom/ Custom, IP66, NEMA 4X, 13
Eaton M22-XDP-S-GB15 - M22 pushbutton button plate, M22 Mushroom Head Button Plate, 22.5 mm, Non-illuminated, Button: Black, Inscription: FORWARD/ GB15, IP67, IP69K, NEMA 4X, 21
Eaton M22-WR3-ETCH - M22 pushbutton operator, 22.5 mm, Rotary, Maintained, Non-illuminated, Bezel: Silver, Button: Black, Inscription: Custom/ Custom, IP66, NEMA 4X, 13, Three-position, 100,000 Operations
Eaton E34G0 - E34 pushbutton lens, E34 series, Indicating Light Lens, Clear actuator, Glass, Legend: Blank legend