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Motor Starter Contactors

A motor starter contactor is an electrically controlled switch that is used in an electrical power circuit to control and protect electric motors. Its main function is to control electric motors by allowing or interrupting power to them. It is an essential component of motor control and power distribution systems. The contactor coil, when energized, applies voltage to the motor, allowing it to start or run. It also acts as an arc extinguishing device to prevent overheating and protect the motor.

Motor starter contactors consist of both electromagnetic and mechanical elements. The contact system, typically consisting of normally open contacts, provides the electrical connection between the power supply and the motor. The overload relay monitors the motor's current and can trip the contactor coil, opening the contacts and stopping the motor in case of overload or fault conditions.


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ABB AF116-30-00B-43 is a 3 pole - 690 V IEC or 600 V UL contactor with Main Circuit Bars, controlling motors up to 55 kW / 400 V AC (AC-3) or 75 HP / 480 V UL and switching power circuits up to 160 A (AC-1) or 160 A UL general use. Thanks to the AF technology, the contactor has a control voltage range (220-240 V 50/60 Hz),faster operation time, reducing panel energy consumptions and ensuring distinct operations in unstable networks. Furthermore, surge protection is built-in, offering a compact solution. AF contactors have a block type design, can be easily extended with add-on auxiliary contact blocks and an additional wide range of accessories.
ABB CR463L30AJD - CR463 ,Electrically Held,3NO - 0NC Poles - 120V 60hz, 110V 50hz coil, Lights
ABB CR463L20ALA10A0 - CR463 ,Electrically Held,2NO - 0NC Poles - 2008-208V 60hz coil, Type1, Lights
ABB CR463L02AJA10A0 - CR463 ,Electrically Held,0NO - 2NC Poles - 120V 60hz, 110V 50hz coil, Type1, Lights
ABB CR463L31ANA10A0 - CR463 ,Electrically Held,3NO - 1NC Poles - 277V 60hz coil, Type1, Lights
ABB CR463M30PNA - CR463 ,Mechanically Held,3NO - 0NC Poles, 3wire - 0 coil, Lights
ABB CR463M30NJA - CR463 ,Mechanically Held,3NO - 0NC Poles, 3wire - 120V coil, Lights
ABB CR463M20DND10A0 - CR463 ,Mechanically Held,2NO - 0NC Poles, 2Wire - 277V coil, Type1, Lights
ABB CR463M20CJD10A0 - CR463 ,Mechanically Held,2NO - 0NC Poles, 2Wire - 120V coil, Type1, Lights
ABB CR463M30CJA20A0 - CR463 ,Mechanically Held,3NO - 0NC Poles, 2Wire - 120V coil, Type 12/3R, Lights
ABB CR463L30ASA - CR463 ,Electrically Held,3NO - 0NC Poles - 230-240V 60hz, 220V 50hz coil, Lights
ABB CR463L30ANA - CR463 ,Electrically Held,3NO - 0NC Poles - 277V 60hz coil, Lights