Battery Enclosures

An off-grid solar system must have all the necessary equipment to generate, supply and store solar energy onsite. Off-grid solar systems are also referred to as standalone solar power systems, as they operate without a connection to any external power source. Off-grid solar systems are made up of 12 volt solar panels (or modules) that can be used individually or combined into a single array. The solar panels use a solar charge controller to send power to charge solar batteries and a solar inverter to convert direct current (DC), which the solar panel generates, to useable alternating current (AC). Off-grid solar systems are ideal for remote rural areas and applications where power sources are either impractical or unavailable.

Battery enclosures provide protection for the batteries in an off-grid solar system. Some off-grid systems may be located in environments that have very high temperatures, very low temperatures or both. Batteries need to be protected without consuming significant amounts of extra energy from the solar system. In very hot environments, it is important to avoid direct sunlight on the battery enclosure by shading it if necessary. Select an enclosure that is large enough to allow for plenty of air circulation and ventilation. In very cold environments, it is important to highly insulate the enclosure, use as little air space as possible around the battery while still providing the necessary ventilation and use any available heat source (waste heat from a backup generator or passive solar techniques).

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RDA 31060 6 Battery Powdercoated Enclosure
RDA 31022 Double Stack Double Battery Aluminum Enclosure
RDA 31021 Ground Mount Dual Battery Powdercoated Aluminum Enclosure (18"x18"x18")
RDA 31020 Dual Battery Aluminum Enclosure w/ Back Plate (18"x18"x18")
RDA 31012 Double Stack Single Battery Aluminum Enclosure
RDA 31010 Single Battery Powdercoated Aluminum Enclosure w/ Back Plate (16"x16"x10")
RDA 31005 Communications Aluminum Enclosure w/ Back Plate (18"x12"x9")
Kindoft pole mount for mounting Battery Enclosures.
Fits up to six 105Ah batteries using 3 shelves holding 2 each. Mounts on 2"-4"16"x14"x50" NEMA-3R Vented, (6) PVX-12105, Aluminum (PCW)*
Fits up to four 105Ah batteries 2 over 2. Mounts on 2"-4" poles. 16"x14"x35" NEMA- poles. 3R Vented, (4) PVX-12105, Aluminum (PCW)*
Fits up to two 105Ah batteries side by side Mounts on 2"-4" poles. 18"x16"x14", NEMA 3R Vented for up to (2) 100 AH Batteries (PCW)*
Fits one 110Ah battery. 16"x14"x8", NEMA-3R, Vented, (1) PVX-12105 (PCW)*