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Battery Enclosures

Battery enclosures are protective structures designed to house and safeguard batteries used in various applications, including solar power systems, off-grid installations, and backup power systems. These enclosures ensure the safe operation and longevity of the batteries by providing a secure and controlled environment.

Battery enclosures come in different forms, such as battery boxes, outdoor battery enclosures, and ground-mounted enclosures, depending on the specific requirements of the installation. They are typically made of durable materials like aluminum and are often powder coated to provide additional protection against environmental elements.

One of the primary purposes of a battery enclosure is to protect the batteries from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, moisture, and other potentially damaging factors. Direct sunlight, in particular, can degrade battery performance and lifespan, so the enclosure acts as a shield to minimize exposure.

Battery enclosures also offer physical protection to the batteries, preventing accidental damage from impact or environmental hazards. They are designed to accommodate the specific quantity and size of batteries required for the application, ensuring a proper fit and secure placement. Some enclosures may include trays or compartments to hold the batteries in place and prevent movement during operation or transportation.


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RDA 31060 6 Battery Powdercoated Enclosure
RDA 31022 Double Stack Double Battery Aluminum Enclosure
RDA 31021 Ground Mount Dual Battery Powdercoated Aluminum Enclosure (18"x18"x18")
RDA 31020 Dual Battery Aluminum Enclosure w/ Back Plate (18"x18"x18")
RDA 31012 Double Stack Single Battery Aluminum Enclosure
RDA 31010 Single Battery Powdercoated Aluminum Enclosure w/ Back Plate (16"x16"x10")
RDA 31005 Communications Aluminum Enclosure w/ Back Plate (18"x12"x9")
Fits up to two 105Ah batteries side by side Mounts on 2"-4" poles. 18"x16"x14", NEMA 3R Vented for up to (2) 100 AH Batteries (PCW)*
Fits one 110Ah battery. 16"x14"x8", NEMA-3R, Vented, (1) PVX-12105 (PCW)*