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Accessories for Specific Enclosure Models

Hoffman Comline is a corrosion-resistant, lightweight aluminum enclosure designed for housing electrical components in both indoor and outdoor locations for telecom applications.

Hoffman IEC Global is a full line of enclosures and accessories that are internationally rated and globally available. Hoffman has a patented tool-free click-in technology that allows for product versatility across wall mount and floor stand enclosures with multiple interchangeable accessories. 

Hoffman Zonex is a line of enclosures that are designed and certified to meet standards for increased safety in housing electrical components in Zone 1 (an area where an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur) and Zone 2 (an area where an explosive gas atmosphere is not likely to occur, if it does, only for a short time).

Hoffman AccessPlus wall-mount cabinets house networking components and provide easy equipment access, vented sides for cooling and key-locking for security. 

Hoffman Concept wall-mount cabinets are ideal for machine control applications and provide easy access and panel installation.

Hoffman D-Box wall-mount cabinets are designed to house 19” network equipment in a public location with a low-profile and hinged door for access and key-locking for security.

Hoffman PolyPro WiFi enclosures are made of polyester and a wood panel that allows signals to pass through unimpeded while still providing protection from harsh environments.

Hoffman Proline has free-standing switch and server cabinets for meeting the needs of large data centers. The FloTek server cabinet has rear fan banks to maximize cooling power for high-density applications that generate maximum heat.