QLINE Enclosure Accessories

Hoffman QLINE ABS and Polycarbonate wall mount enclosures have molded, impact-resistant bodies with opaque or clear covers. ABS and Polycarbonate material is easily drilled, punched, filed or sawed. The enclosures have molded internal pads for mounting optional rails, panels and other components. QLINE I enclosures provide easy access and protection for larger controls in corrosive environments. QLINE D enclosures are functional in corrosive environments and can withstand occasional submersion.

Hoffman Adjustable-Depth Aluminum Swing Panels are used with QLINE I polycarbonate enclosures and provide a convenient way to install instruments and controls near the enclosure opening.

Hoffman Screw Kits are used with QLINE I enclosures and include four polyamide cover screws and four self-tapping, plated panel screws. The wing-head style screws provide quick access to the enclosure interior without requiring special tools.

Hoffman Depth Fittings attach to the corner molded rails of a QLINE I enclosure to facilitate full-range front-to-back panel adjustment. Four polyamide fittings and plated screws are included. Extension Rings can be added to provide an additional 1.97 inches to the enclosure depth.

Hoffman Hinge Kits are used on all QLINE D enclosures and include two polyamide hinges, eight M4 self-tapping screws, eight flat washers and drilling templates. Mounting Bracket Kits for QLINE D enclosures have four polycarbonate brackets and four M4 self-tapping, plated screws.


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Hoffman QEHK60 QLINE E Hardware Kit Hoffman QEHK60 Lighting Other Accessories
Hoffman QEHK35 QLINE E Hardware Kit Hoffman QEHK35 Lighting Other Accessories
Hoffman QEBI QLINE E Brass Inserts Hoffman QEBI QLINE E Self-tapping Brass Inserts fit into molded pads in the bottom of the enclosure. Inserts have an M2 internal machine screw thread and M4 self-tapping external thread.
Hoffman Q3023PD QLINE D Panel 11.22"H x 8.27"W (285mmx210 mm)
Hoffman Q2416PD QLINE D Panel 8.38"H x 5.71"W (213mmx145mm)
Hoffman Q2015PD QLINE D Panel 6.77"H x 5.24"W (172mmx133mm)
Hoffman Q2012PD QLINE D Panel 6.77"H x 4.13"W (172mmx105mm)
Hoffman Q1612PD QLINE D Panel 5.20"H x 4.13"W (132mmx105mm)
Hoffman Q1212PD QLINE D Panel 4.13"H x 4"W (105mmx95mm)
Hoffman Q168PD QLINE D Panel 5.24"H x 2.56"W (133mmx65mm)
Hoffman Q128PD QLINE D Panel 3.66"H x 2.56"W (93mmx65mm)
Hoffman Q88PD QLINE D Panel 2.56"H x 2"W (65mmx55mm)