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ULTRX Enclosure Accessories

Hoffman ULTRX fiberglass enclosures are high-impact resistant and have temperature and chemical resistant qualities. Fiberglass is easily drilled, punched, sawed and the exterior surface can be painted to enhance UV protection. 

Hoffman ULTRX Panels are available in 12 gauge steel or ¾ inch wood. Wood panels are supplied with the enclosure. Steel panels require the Panel Bracket Kit to mount to the enclosure. Panel Bracket Kits permit panel adjustment from front to rear and mount on integrally molded body rails.

Hoffman Swing-Out Panels are front-mounted and compliment window-door ULTRX fiberglass enclosures. They are suited for applications requiring a display of dials, gauges or any type of control equipment monitor. Swing Frames provide 19 inch rack-mounting capabilities with U-Style mounting hole pattern. The quarter-turn latch has a 100 degree swing. The swing frame maintains the enclosure rating if properly installed.

Hoffman Keylock Kit or pushbutton-style Padlock Kit is inserted in the latch hole to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to the enclosure. Each kit has 316 stainless steel construction and is fully assembled for easy installation.


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Hoffman UUGK ULTRX Grounding Device. Grounding Device provides a means to attach a grounding conductor to an ULTRX Swing-Out Panel or Swing- Out Frame. Includes all installation hardware and instructions.
Hoffman UUMH1 ULTRX Screw Package 1/4-15 x .88 Hoffman UUMH1 ULTRX Self-Tapping Screw Pkg (10). Plated screws (1-4-15 x .88) mount panels and accessories to DIN bosses on back of enclosure.
Hoffman UUMH2 ULTRX Screw Insert Kit 10-32 Hoffman UUMH2 ULTRX Screw Insert Kit. 4 Inserts and Screws. Brass threaded inserts (10-32) with plated screws. Used on door bosses and DIN bosses.
Hoffman UULSC ULTRX Key Insert, Screw Drive Slot. Inserts can be substituted for the standard quarter-turn latch.
Hoffman UUL3DB ULTRX Key Insert, Dbl Bit 3mm. Inserts can be substituted for the standard quarter-turn latch. Inserts are Type 316 stainless steel.
Hoffman UUDS ULTRX Door Stop Kit. Door Stop Kit limits door to 120-degree opening. Field installable on all sizes of ULTRX enclosures. Type 304 stainless steel construction.
Hoffman UU7560SF ULTRX Swing-Out Frame 30x38
Hoffman UU6060SF ULTRX Swing-Out Frame 24x38
Hoffman UUHPL ULTRX Padlock Kit is easily inserted in latch hole to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to enclosure contents. Each kit is fully assembled for easy installation in the field. Type 316 stainless steel construction.
Hoffman UUHKL ULTRX Keylocking Kit
Hoffman UURA7560 ULTRX Rack Angles 30x24
Hoffman UURA6060 ULTRX Rack Angles 24x24