Branch Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are a modular block with an insulated frame connecting two or more wires in a reliable manner. A clamping component and a conducting strip are used to secure and organize connecting wires, allowing multiple outgoing wires to join to one singular incoming wire. Wires are secured to the terminal blocks with screw connections, spring cage connections, push in connections (requiring the use of ferrules on the wires), fast connections, or barrier connections (requiring ring or spade terminals on the wires). Terminal blocks are the perfect solution for complicated control circuits that require secure, well-organized and semi-permanent wire connections that can easily be switched out for repair or inspection in the field. Within a control board, terminal blocks are snapped firmly into place on a mounting or DIN rail. When modifications to the circuit are performed, they can easily be added or removed from the rail without interfering with other wire connections.


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Phoenix Contact 2715982 Branch Terminal - IAK 16
Phoenix Contact 0702997 Branch Terminal - AZK 35