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Power Terminal Blocks

Electrical systems require essential components known as power distribution blocks in order to safely and effectively handle as well as distribute high levels of current and voltage. They are invariably found in the kinds of equipment that draw a lot of power: heavy-duty industrial machinery that operates lucrative businesses, from panel-building to switchgear manufacturing.

Terminal blocks for power applications often have robust clamping arrangements—like screws, bolts, or springs—that hold a wire firmly in place. The clamping arrangement ensures that the wire is securely in the terminal block and will not come loose. A wire that comes loose from a terminal block can lead to a variety of dangerous situations, not least of which are an electrical arc and an electrical shock. Some terminal blocks have features that enhance their safety even further, like a plastic cover over the live parts of the terminal block, or a plastic "barrier" that prevents you from touching a live part of the terminal block accidentally.

The power terminals found in many distribution panels and enclosures use the artifice of modular design to permit the easy growth and installation that is required for them to function as true power interfaces. They are often designed to allow exponential scaling of the power interface, using the same blocks that make them perfect for just about all common forms of building and scaling within the power interface.


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