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Modicon M171-M172 Logic Controller

Schneider Electric PLC Processors are programmable automation controllers that function as the core of the customizable PLC built with processors, I/O modules, backplanes, power supplies, and optional networking. This modular approach allows for expansion and flexibility in the design of logic controllers and automation controllers for industrial control systems. 

Schneider Electric Modicon M171/M172 Logic Controllers are Nano PLCs with a focus on HVAC and pumping control solutions. M171 controllers are designed for HVAC, pumping and refrigeration machines that are not in direct communication with building management systems. M172 controllers are designed for automation of HVAC, pumping and refrigeration machines that are connected to building management systems via communication networks such as LonWorks and BACnet. M171 and M172 controllers can handle small to very large machines and can be networked to handle large systems. 

The controllers come in three different types. Modicon M171 Optimized Logic Controllers are for compact and simple machines and are the smallest programmable controller on the market. Modicon M171 Performance Logic Controllers are for BMS-connectable and complex machines. They provide I/Os, more memory, connectivity and an embedded web server. Modicon M172 Performance Logic Controllers are for large, connected machines and provide more performance, connectivity and scalability.