Modicon M258 Compact PLC

Schneider Electric PLC Processors are programmable automation controllers that function as the core of the customizable PLC built with processors, I/O modules, backplanes, power supplies, and optional networking. This modular approach allows for expansion and flexibility in the design of logic controllers and automation controllers for industrial control systems. 

Schneider Electric Modicon M258 PLCs are high-performance, compact PLCs designed to control large and complex machines. The M258 is closely related to the LMC058 motion controller, sharing the same TM5 I/O system and inheriting a reduced set of simple motion control capabilities. The modular I/O system is based on TM5 remote I/O expansion modules capable of a couple thousand I/O points. The programming software is SoMachine, which is an efficient and open OEM software solution that helps to develop, configure and commission the entire machine in a single environment. This includes motor control, logic, HMI and related network automation functions.

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terminal block with PT1000 temp. compensation - 16 contacts - red - quantity 1
Safety coded bus base - 24V DC - internal I/O - red - quantity 1
power distribution module - for I/O module 24 V DC - 1 Safety-related output
analog input module - FS - 2I - thermocouple J/K/N/S/R/C/T - 24 bits
Mod. FS counter channel, 7 kHz, 24 VDC, A-A, B-B, A-A'-B-B'
Safe logic controller - CPU plus - SERCOS III interface - 80 nodes
Safe logic controller - CPU standard - SERCOS III interface - 20 nodes
Modicon M238 logic controller - ground connection plate - Faston connectors
Bus base for field bus interface module and Interface Power - 24V DC - white
bus base with address setting - 24V DC - white - quantity 10
power distribution module - for CANopen interface module and I/O module - 24 V D
power distribution module - for I/O module 24 V DC & bus - 6.3 A internal fuse
power distribution module - for I/O module 24 V DC - 6.3 A internal fuse