Invertek VFDs

Invertek Optidrive E3 General Purpose Drives provide sensorless vector control for all motor types including: induction motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless DC motors, synchronous reluctance motors and line start PM motors. Optidrive E3 drives provide simple installation, connection and commission. With just 14 basic parameters and application macro functions, set-up and start-up are quick and easy. The Industrial, Pump and Fan modes can be used to suite specific applications.

Invertek Optidrive P2 High Performance Drives provide 150 percent overload for 60 seconds as standard, ensuring each drive is suitable for Heavy Duty applications. The IP55 enclosed units allow the drive to survive in industrial environments. Optidrive P2 is designed to work with a wide range of motor types and extensive I/O and communications interface capabilities ensure that the drive can be integrated into a variety of control systems.

Invertek Optidrive Eco HVAC Drives optimize the performance of pumps and fans used in HVAC applications. They are used with AC induction motors, AC permanent magnet motors, brushless DC motors and synchronous reluctance motors. For simple installation into a building’s management system, all Optidrive Eco HVAC drives are provided with both BACnet and Modbus RTU as standard.

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Invertek ODV-3-460430-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-460340-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-460280-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-360220-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-460430-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-460340-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-460280-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-360220-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-360170-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-360170-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-360120-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-360120-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260090-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260090-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260065-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260065-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260041-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260041-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260031-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260031-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260021-301A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-260021-301E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-844800-3F12-MN
Invertek ODV-3-843700-3F12-MN
Invertek ODV-3-440460-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-440390-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-440460-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-440390-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-340300-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-340240-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-340300-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-340240-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-340180-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-340180-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240140-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240140-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240095-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240095-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240058-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240058-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240041-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240041-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240022-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-240022-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-420460-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-320300-3F1E-MN
Invertek ODV-3-420460-3F1A-MN
Invertek ODV-3-320300-3F1A-MN