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Dwyer Instruments


Welcome to RSP Supply, your trusted Dwyer distributor for all your industrial instrumentation needs. As a distributor of Dwyer instruments, we offer a comprehensive line of products to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of industries.

Whether you require differential pressure gauges for your HVAC system, flow sensors for your control valves, or temperature controls for your pumps, we have the products you need to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your equipment.

Our commitment to quality means that every Dwyer product we distribute is of the highest quality and is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications. From food processing to chemical production, our products are trusted by companies across a range of industries for their reliability and precision.

Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer Air and Gas flow meters come in various types, including variable area, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, thermal, and vortex shedding. See our full line of Dwyer Air and Gas Flow Meters here

Dwyer flow transmitters are devices that convert the measured flow rate into an electrical signal that can be easily read and recorded by a control system. See our full line of Dwyer Flow Transmitters here

Dwyer level switches that are designed to detect the level of liquids, granulars, powders, and other materials in tanks, vessels, and other containers. See our full line of Dwyer Level Switches here.

Dwyer capacitance level transmitters are designed to measure the level of liquids, powders, and granulars in tanks and vessels using the principle of capacitance. See our full line of Dwyer Level Transmitters here.


Dwyer pressure sensors and transmitters come in different types, including differential pressure, gauge pressure, and absolute pressure. See our full line of Dwyer Pressure Sensors and Transmitters here

Dwyer pump controllers are used to monitor and control the operation of pumps to maintain system pressure, flow rate, and other parameters. See our full line of Dwyer Pump Controllers here.

At RSP Supply, we understand that our customers rely on us for accurate and up-to-date product information. That's why we work closely with Dwyer to provide our customers with the most current information on their product line. Whether you need assistance selecting the right product for your application or need help with installation and operation, our team is here to help.

In addition to our extensive line of Dwyer products, we also offer a range of pressure and flow control products from other leading manufacturers. From pressure gauges to level sensors, we have the products you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how RSP Supply can help you find the right Dwyer product for your industrial application. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions and provide you with the products and support you need to succeed.