Square D Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Square D molded case circuit breakers from Schneider Electric come in many different frame types. Each frame is design for different interrupt ratings, allowing you to customize your circuit protection needs. They are all UL489 approved and have an interrupt rating of at least 10 kA. There are options up to 3000 amp, 690 Volt, and 1 to 4 poles.

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Schneider LAL363501212 Compliant, EU RoHS Declaration China RoHS declaration, Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information. Halogen free plastic parts product 00935 - LAL/LHL BRKR, SW, MAG-GARD DE2 15 lb(US (6.80 kg No MX Green Premium product Yes Yes Product Environmental Profile Yes 18 months 1 LH Q4 Molded Case Circuit Breakers LA/LH/Q4 MCCB