Molded Case Circuit Breakers (Q Frame)

Square D by Schneider Electric’s PowerPact Multistandard circuit breakers are equipped with dual-break rotating contacts that reduce the amount of peak current during a short-circuit fault. They feature an over-center toggle mechanism providing quick-make, quick-break operation. Internal cross-bars provide common opening and closing of all poles with a single handle. The circuit breaker handle can assume any of three positions, ON, tripped or OFF. The center tripped position provides positive visual indication that the circuit breaker has tripped.

PowerPact Q-frame circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by short-circuits and overloads. They are equipped with thermal-magnetic trip units containing individual thermal (overload) and magnetic (short-circuit) sensing elements in each pole. PowerPact Q-frame circuit breakers are used for overcurrent protection and switching on AC systems. They are available in 2 and 3 pole designs and from 75 to 250 A. Unit-mount circuit breakers are available with mounting studs for bus-mounted applications or with lugs on both ends for cabled applications. These circuit breakers may be mounted in metering devices, individual enclosures, switchboards and panelboards. The I-line circuit breakers are specifically designed for use in I-line panelboards and switchboards.