LH-Frame Circuit Breakers

Square D by Schneider Electric has a wide range of Molded Case Circuit Breakers that are designed with thermal magnetic protection. Thermal trip element circuit breakers protect a circuit against a small overload that continues for a long time. The larger the overload, the faster the circuit breaker will trip. The thermal element will also protect against temperature increases. Magnetic circuit breakers will trip instantly when the preset current is present. Thermal magnetic circuit breakers contain both types of protection in a single unit. 

LA and LH Molded Case Circuit Breakers provide thermal magnetic protection from 125 to 400 Amps as part of the Square D portfolio of molded case circuit breakers. They are available in 2 and 3 pole design with unit-mount, I-line or rear-connect constructions. LH molded case circuit breakers are used in industrial enclosures, switchboards, panelboards, busway plug-in units, combination starters and motor control centers.


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