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Network Frames, Racks & Accessories

Network frames, often referred to as open frame racks, are structures designed to support network equipment in environments like data centers. Unlike enclosed network cabinets, these frames typically lack side panels and doors, facilitating easy access and efficient cable management for high-density networking equipment such as servers, switches, patch panels, and routers. The open design promotes better airflow, which is crucial for cooling the electronic equipment.

These racks are measured in rack units, with the height of the equipment intended for mounting expressed in multiples of 1.75 inches or one rack unit. The absence of doors and side panels on network frames means that equipment can be mounted and accessed from all sides, making maintenance tasks simpler and quicker.

Server racks within these frames are structured to hold heavier equipment securely, while lighter equipment also finds ample support. The racks can accommodate various types of mounting, including 2-post and 4-post configurations; the 2-post style is more suited to lightweight equipment, while the 4-post design can handle the greater depth and weight of servers and larger devices.