Network Frames, Racks & Accessories

Enclosure shelves and drawers can easily be installed to the interior of modular enclosures. Shelves include: pull out, telescoping, folding, sliding and vented styles. Drawers can be locked for additional security.

Cable management is essential in creating an organized and accessible environment for cables and wires inside a server rack or enclosure. Proper cable management helps prevent damage, low performance issues, and difficulty in maintenance and completing simple tasks. Cable management products include: cable managers, wire duct, wireways, cable tray systems and ladder rack systems.

Network cabinets and racks are designed to organize and protect IT equipment in an industrial environment. Rack enclosures or rack cabinets are designed for heavy, high wattage equipment that usually runs at hotter temperatures. The enclosures have vented front and rear doors that provides ample airflow. The removable side panels and front and rear doors are attached to adjustable mounting rails and lock for added security.

Network backplates and swing-out panels are used for mounting electrical components. Most backplates come with pre-cut holes to match the mounting holes in the enclosure. These panels can be removed or replaced, allowing the components to be easily worked on, without uninstalling the entire network cabinet. Backplates are made of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, galvanized steel, painted steel, as well as composite materials.

Network cabinet power management can manage and control energy consumption by distributing power efficiently, resulting in reduced operating costs and increased reliability. Network cabinet power management products include: power distribution units (PDUs), IP gateways and smart PDU monitors.

Networking thermal management utilizes efficient cooling systems to keep IT equipment inside network cabinets and racks within a specified temperature range. These products can include coolers and fans.


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Hoffman EGPS1 COMLINE OSP Gland Plates
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Hoffman EGPHX20 COMLINE OSP Gland Plates
Hoffman EGPACT15 COMLINE OSP Gland Plates
Hoffman EGPACCR23 COMLINE OSP Gland Plates
Hoffman P19RPP6UB Rack Panel for 19-in. Racks
Hoffman P19RPP5UB Rack Panel for 19-in. Racks
Hoffman P19RPP4UB Rack Panel for 19-in. Racks