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Din Rail Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switches are hardware devices that centralize communications among multiple connected Ethernet devices, such as computers Wi-Fi access points, IoT devices and servers, to one local area network (LAN).

They manage the flow of data across the network by transmitting received network packets to one or more devices for which the packets are intended. Ethernet switches can identify every device connected to them and direct the traffic flow of the devices, which ensures the efficiency and security of the network. DIN rail Ethernet switches can be easily mounted to DIN rails within industrial enclosures.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a special networking feature that allows a network cable to carry both an electrical current and data to a device at the same time. The current and data are transmitted using different wires within the same cable. PoE switches have the PoE functionality built-in and enables the devices connected to it to communicate on the PoE network.

Unmanaged Ethernet switches have fixed configurations that cannot be changed. They are plug-and-play devices that are easily added to small networks and don’t need any special set-up. Managed Ethernet switches can manage, configure and monitor the settings of a LAN. They can control LAN traffic, prioritize certain channels and create new virtual LANs to keep smaller groups of devices segregated. Managed switches offer redundancy features that duplicate and recover data in the event of a device or network failure and priority SNMP allows for remote troubleshooting of the network, making it easier to check for issues impacting performance and implementing fixes if necessary.


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