PULS Power Supplies

DIN rail power supplies are switch-mode power supplies that convert unstable input voltage into regulated output voltage. Switched-mode DIN rail power supplies have significantly higher efficiency, lower weight and a more compact design than linearly regulated power supplies.

PULS DIN rail power supplies have innovative features including a switch design and high-quality components, achieving efficiency values of more than 95%. The devices are simply attached to the DIN rail and then wired to the mains and load. Spring clamps or push-in terminals allow the power supplies to be easily installed without tools. PULS DIN rail power supplies are convection-cooled. No fans are used. With every mechanical element added, such as a fan, the probability of failure increases thus, the maintenance requirements increase. PULS's Cool Design principle ensures that convection cooling is sufficient by positioning components at the coolest points in the unit.


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PULS CP20.241-R2 Redundancy Power Supply Module, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24VDC, 20A with Plug Connectors
PULS PIM90.241 Power Supply, AC 100-240V, DC 24-28V, 3.8A, 90W, push-in terminals
PULS PIM60.241 Power Supply, 60W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 2.5-2.1A with Push In Terminals
PULS PIM36.241 Power Supply, 36W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 1.5-1.2A with Push In Terminals
PULS PIC480.241D Power Supply, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 20-17.1A
PULS PIC240.241D Power Supply, 240W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 10-8.6A
PULS PIC120.241D Power Supply, 120W, 100-120 / 200-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 5-4.3A
PULS CP5.241 Power Supply 120W, 1PH, 24-28VDC, 5.0-4.3A
PULS CP20.241 Power Supply, 480W, 100-240VAC 1PH, 24-28VDC, 20-17.1A
PULS CP10.241-R2 Power Supply 240W, 1PH, 24VDC, 10A w/ Plug Connectors, Hot Swappable
PULS UB10.241 Power Supply 24 VDC DIN Rail Mount Single Phase 10 Amp
PULS QS10.241 Power Supply 24-28 VDC 240 Watt DIN Rail Mount Single Phase 9-10 Amp