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Eaton Power Supplies

Eaton power supplies are electronic devices that are used to convert AC voltage from a power source into DC voltage that can be used to power electronic devices. They are designed to provide a stable and reliable source of power to various applications, including automation, control systems, and other electronic devices.

Eaton power supplies are available in a variety of types, including DIN rail mount, panel mount, and open frame configurations. They are also available in different output voltages and power ratings, ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts, to accommodate different applications.

One of the benefits of Eaton power supplies is their high efficiency. They are designed to convert AC power into DC power with minimal loss, which helps to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs. They are also designed with features such as overload protection and overvoltage protection to ensure reliable and safe operation.



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Eaton PSL60E24RP PSL series 24V DC low-profile power supply (PSU), finger safe/plastic, 1PHASE, 24VDC, 60W, IP20
Eaton PSL30E24RP PSL low-profile power supply, PSL series 24V DC low-profile power supply (PSU), 1phase 24vdc 30w- Low Profile - Finger Safe/Plastic
Eaton PSL100E24RP PSL series 24V DC low-profile power supply (PSU), 1PHASE, 24VDC, 100W
Eaton PSL10E24RP PSL series 24V DC low-profile power supply (PSU), 1PH 85-264VAC, 24VDC, 0.42A, 10W
Eaton PSG240E Power Supply, 240W, Single-phase, 100-240V input voltage, 24 Vdc ± 2% output voltage, 2.9A input current, 10A output current, 47-63 Hz, 85-264V, 120-375 Vdc, Aluminum enclosure, Heavy-duty screw terminals
Eaton PSG60N24RP PSG Power supply unit, NEC Class II, 60W, Single-phase, 24 Vdc
Eaton PSS10E Power Supply Switcher, IP20 enclosure, 20-14 AWG wire size, 0.4A rated operational current, 10W, Single-phase, 110-240V input voltage, 24 Vdc output voltage, 0.19A input current, 25A inrush current, 47-63 Hz, TS35 rail or chassis mount ,Convection Cooling - Finger Safe Cover - Short Circuit Protection - Auto Restart
Eaton PSG960R24RM PSG Power Supply, Aluminum, 47-63 Hz, Redundancy module, Finger-safe terminals, 24 Vdc output, Aluminum, 960W output power, -40°C-80°C operating temp
Eaton PSG960F24RM General Purpose Power Supply, 400-500 Vac, 47-63 Hz, Three-Phase, DIN rail mount, -20C-75C operating temp, Aluminum, 960W, 24 Vdc (±4.8 Vdc), 24 VDC/2.5A, IP20.
Eaton PSG60F24RM PSG series Power Supply, Aluminum, 320-575 Vac, 47-63 Hz, Finger-safe terminals, 24 Vdc output, Three-phase, 960W output power, -25°C-75°C operating temp
Eaton PSG60E24SP Power Supply 1 Phase, 24VDC, 60W, Screw Terminal, Plastic
Eaton PSG60E24RM PSG general purpose power supply, 60W, Single-phase, 24 Vdc output voltage, Metal enclosure, Removable terminals