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Coax Cable Assemblies (Cable with Connectors)

Coaxial cable assemblies are a critical component in a wide range of applications, especially in fields requiring the transmission of radio frequency signals. These assemblies include not only the coaxial cable itself but also connectors that allow for easy interface with other hardware. One common variant you might encounter is the RF coaxial cable assembly, designed specifically for high-frequency applications.

The variety of assemblies on offer can range from standard products to custom configurations tailored for specific uses. For instance, different types of connectors can be used, including SMA, BNC, and mini UHF, among others. The choice of connector and the length of the cable are just a few of the details that can be customized to meet the needs of a particular application. For those with specialized needs, custom cable assemblies can be an ideal solution, offering a range of connector options and lengths to suit various applications.

In some instances, the coaxial cables used in these assemblies have specific features like a stranded center conductor for added flexibility or low-loss properties for higher frequencies. The type of coaxial cable, often referred to by names like the RG series, can also differ based on the intended application and the range of frequencies it will need to handle.


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Parsec PC4002L50NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 50'
Parsec PC4004L50NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 4-in-1 antenna 50 ft
Parsec PC400L50NM - LSR400 Cable; 50'
Parsec PC2404L4WG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 9-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402L2WG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 5-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2404L30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 4-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402LG30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 3-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402W30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC2402L30SFSM - LSR240 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 30'
Parsec PC4002L100NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 100' (MUST BUY IN PACKS OF 10)
Parsec PC4002L25NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 2-in-1 antenna 25' (MUST BUY IN PACKS OF 10)
Parsec PC4004L6WG50NM - LSR400 Cable kit; 11-in-1 antenna 50' (MUST BUY IN PACKS OF 10)