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Anchors, Bits, & Screws

Anchors are designed to provide secure holding power in materials where screws alone might not be sufficient, such as drywall, masonry, and concrete. Common types include plastic wall anchors, which expand when a screw is driven into them, providing a secure grip in drywall. Toggle bolts are another type, featuring wings that spread out behind the wall, offering strong holding power for heavier loads. 

Bits, or drill bits, are the cutting tools used to create holes in various materials. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, each designed for specific applications. Twist bits are the most common, suitable for drilling into wood, metal, and plastic. Masonry bits, often tipped with carbide, are designed for drilling into harder materials like stone, brick, and concrete. 

Screws are versatile fasteners used in countless applications, from assembling furniture to constructing buildings. Wood screws are designed with a sharp point and coarse threads, making them ideal for joining pieces of wood. Sheet metal screws have finer threads and a pointed tip for fastening metal components. Machine screws are typically used with nuts or tapped holes in metal, offering strong, secure connections. Self-tapping screws, which include self-drilling variants, can create their own threads in the material, simplifying the assembly process. Deck screws are specifically designed for outdoor use, often coated to resist corrosion and provide long-lasting durability.


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Dottie W12234 - Wedge Anchors are manufactured with a carbon steel body and expansion clip, and are designed for normal and lightweight concrete. These fully threaded expanding anchors are ICC-ESR listed for seismic zones, cracked, and uncracked concrete. They feature a pilot on the hammered end to prevent first thread damage and are a non-bottom-bearing anchor. Common applications for use include structural connections, cable trays, strut, fire sprinklers, and piping supports in concrete substrate. For installation instructions and weight loads, reference the technical data sheet.
Dottie U100 - U-Bolts are manufactured from low carbon steel and feature NC rolled threads that are intended to be installed through pre-drilled holes for supporting conduit from strut. They are also ideal for attaching pipe, conduit, or other cylindrical materials. They come furnished with hex nuts and straps.
Dottie T150CG - 1/4''-20 x 3/4'' Star Pin Button Head TamperProof Machine Screw made of 18-8 stainless steel for tamper resistance. Ideal for prevention of public tampering or vandalism. Features a button head and star pin drive type. Comes in a sleeve of 500 with a #3 driver size.
Dottie LB100CG - 5/16'' x 3-1/2'' Stainless Steel Hex Head Lag Screw is made of 304 stainless steel for heavy-duty applications in lumber, wood, brick, concrete, and mortar. Features a gimlet point and hex head, with a 9 TPI lag thread for secure fastening. Versatile and durable design for various projects.
Dottie T125CG - #10-32 x 3/4'' Star Pin Button Head TamperProof Machine Screw is made of 18-8 Stainless Steel for durability. This tamper resistant screw is ideal for preventing public tampering or vandalism. Featuring a button head, star pin drive type, with a thread pitch of 32 per inch. Dia./Thread Size is #10-32, with a sleeve quantity of 500. Suitable for applications requiring tamperproof security. Driver size needed is #2.
Dottie SPT1012 - #10 X 1/2'' Slotted Hex Washer Head Metal Piercing Screw (Tuff Pack)
Dottie ATM25 - 3/4'' Drop-In Anchor Setting Tool is a carbon steel anchor setting tool designed for installing DA75/DAS75 Drop In Anchors. Its special features include tempered steel construction and a zinc-plated finish for durability. Ideal for various applications requiring secure anchor installation.
Dottie ATM38 - 1/4'' Mini Drop-In Anchor Setting Tool is a durable and efficient tool made of carbon steel. It is designed specifically for setting DAM25 Drop In Anchors and features tempered steel construction for added strength. The tool is finished with zinc plating and comes in a sleek black color.
Dottie TB50CG - 1/4'' x 6'' Slotted Mushroom Head Toggle Bolt is made of carbon steel with a zinc plated finish. Its adjustable design suits various thicknesses in hollow block, wallboard, plaster, and plywood. Wings open for even load distribution. Contractor oriented for easy use with a 5/8'' pre-drill size and #2 bit.
Dottie X50CG - 5'' Ship Auger & Speed-D-Feed Bit Extension is made of durable carbon steel, designed for ship auger and Speed D feed bits. Ideal for situations requiring additional reach. Perfect for drilling tasks that demand precision and efficiency.
Dottie X125CG - 12'' Ship Auger & Speed-D-Feed Bit Extension is made of durable carbon steel. Designed for ship auger and speed D feed bits, this extension provides additional reach for drilling applications. Perfect for situations where longer reach is needed.
Dottie TB150CG - 1/2'' x 6'' Slotted Mushroom Head Toggle Bolt is made of Carbon Steel with a Zinc Plated finish. Ideal for Hollow Block, Wallboard, and Plywood. Adjustable for various thicknesses, wings open to distribute load evenly. Contractor oriented design, easy to use. Pre-drill size 1-1/4'', bit size #3.