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RSP Supply sells Master Stations, Orbit ECR, Orbit MCR, iNet, iNet II, Transnet 900, and SD radios along with all the accessories. We can help you design your radio network and offer free technical support. We stock a large inventory of MDS radios and have same day shipping on items in stock at the time of order.


GE MDS Radios -

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 • iNet 2 Radios(iNet II) Radio
 • Orbit ECR Radio Series
 • Orbit MCR Radio Series
 • Orbit Series Master Stations
 • SD Radio Series
 • SD Series Master Stations
 • TransNet Radios


You can find a GE MDS radio for virtually all or your industrial, wireless communication needs. From Ethernet to Serial, RSP Supply covers all of your commercial, data radio projects. Beyond radios, you can find all of your radio accessories from cables and connectors, to filters and adapters, power supplies and fans, and to mounting brackets discounted at RSP Supply. We even carry refurbished MDS 9710 Radios and MDS 9810 Radios with a year warranty.

MDS radios are the leader in data radio communication and offers a full line of Ethernet Radios and Serial Radios for reliable communication. Most Serial radios are licensed radios which have slower data rate speeds but are great for situations with difficult line of sight. They are polling radios which poll each station to send and receive data one at a time.

Ethernet Radios are spread spectrum over several frequencies which allow for more complex Ethernet data at fast speeds. These radios can have constant communication from all sights at very fast data rates. These are used where a lot of data needs to be sent or the data needs to send and receive immediately.

For fast data rates use the MDS iNet II for speeds up to 1 mbps and the MDS iNet for speeds up to 512 kbps. The MDS Transnet EL805 is a unlicensed Serial radio that has speeds up to 115.2 kbps and is a very rugged radio used in a large number industrial applications.

The MDS licensed radios are the SD series including the MDS SD9 radio for the 900 MHz frequencies and the MDS SD4 series for the 400 MHz frequencies. They also offer the SD1 and SD2 series for the 100 MHz and 200 MHz frequencies. These radios have data speeds up to 19.2 kbps and are mainly used for serial data but can send Ethernet data on a limited basis. Whatever your communication needs give us a call to help you set up or add to your network.