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Industrial Ethernet Switches and accessories at discount prices. Whether you need a managed ethernet switch or an unmanaged ethernet switch, we carry Moxa's EDS Series, IKS Series, PT Series, and TN Series Ethernet Switch lines. We stock a full line of the din rail mount Ethernet switches.

MOXA industrial Ethernet switches   

Moxa Networking & Communication Products -

 • Din Rail Ethernet Switches
 • Rack Ethernet Switches
 • Ethernet Switch Accessories
 • Power Substation Switches
 • Vibration Resistant Rail & Transportation Switches

 • Ethernet Gateways
 • Embedded Networking
 • Fieldbus Solutions
 • USB Hubs
 • Media Converters

Other Moxa Industrial Networking Devices -

 • Media Converters
 • Firewall Routers

 • Nport Serial Device Servers
 • Serial Device Servers

 You can find a Moxa switch or device for virtually all or your industrial networking needs.