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Cellular Software, Support & Licenses

Cellular software refers to the programs used to design and manage cellular networks, such as software for managing a cellular base station or a complete 4G or 5G network. In the Internet of Things (IoT) space, cellular software can mean the software used on devices that communicate using cellular signals.

Cellular support is the assistance offered to customers, both end-users and businesses, in using cellular technology. This might include troubleshooting connectivity issues, providing guidance on the use of cellular devices or networks, or supporting the implementation and management of cellular-based systems.

Cellular licenses are the legal permissions required to use certain cellular technologies. For example, mobile network operators need licenses to use specific bands of the radio spectrum for cellular communication. These licenses are typically awarded by government regulatory bodies. In addition, certain cellular technologies may be protected by patents, and using these technologies may require obtaining a license from the patent holder. This is common in the cellular industry, where standard technologies like 4G and 5G are built on patented innovations.


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Peplink PSC-601 SmartCare 3-Year - Balance 310x Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-501 SmartCare 1-Year - Balance 310x Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-458 SmartCare 3-Year - Balance SDX Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-454 SmartCare 1-Year - PDX Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-453 SmartCare 3-Year - HD4 MBX LTEA Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-452 SmartCare 3-Year - SpeedFusion Engine CAM Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-451 SmartCare 3-Year - Balance 30 Pro Velocity
Peplink PSC-450 SmartCare 3-Year - SIM Injector Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-449 SmartCare 3-Year - HD2 Dome LTEA Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-448 SmartCare 3-Year - HD2 Dome LTE Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-446 SmartCare 3-Year - BR1 LTEA IP67 Blue-Chip
Peplink PSC-445 SmartCare 3-Year - HD4 LTEA IP67 Blue-Chip