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Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are a type of temperature sensor that operates on the principle that electrical resistance of a material changes with temperature. The sensing element in RTD temperature sensors is typically made from a pure material, most commonly platinum, due to its linear resistance-temperature characteristics and its high positive temperature coefficient, meaning that its resistance increases with temperature.

There are two main types of RTDs: wire-wound and thin-film. Wire-wound RTDs consist of a fine wire wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. Thin-film RTDs, on the other hand, consist of a very thin layer (thin film) of platinum deposited on a ceramic substrate, forming a resistance wire in an electrical circuit pattern. Thin-film elements are generally more robust and less susceptible to mechanical strain than their wire-wound counterparts, and their manufacturing process allows for mass production, which makes them more economical.

RTDs have a wide temperature range and offer high accuracy for temperature measurements, which makes them ideal for a variety of industrial applications. They are, however, more expensive and complex to use than other types of temperature sensors, such as thermocouples.


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Dwyer 122088-01 is a Mineral Insulated Rtd component. It is a reliable and durable temperature sensor, favored for its excellent accuracy and resistance to vibration. Its compact design makes it easy to install in various applications, ensuring precise temperature measurements for optimal performance.
Dwyer 122088-00 is a Mineral Insulated Rtd component. It features high accuracy temperature measurement with a mineral-insulated construction for durability. Designed for use in demanding industrial applications, it provides reliable and precise readings. SKU: Dwyer 122088-00.
Dwyer 122087-02 is a versatile general-purpose RTD component, designed for accurate temperature measurements in various applications. With a durable construction and high-quality materials, it ensures reliable and precise results. Equipped with advanced technology, this product guarantees optimal performance and stability. Ideal for demanding environments and professional settings.
Dwyer 122087-01 General Purpose Rtd is an essential component for accurate temperature measurement. With a compact design and high reliability, it ensures precise readings in various applications. SKU: Dwyer 122087-01.
Dwyer 122087-00 is a General Purpose Rtd component, suitable for a wide range of applications. With an unmatched level of accuracy and reliability, it delivers precise temperature measurement. Designed for durability, this component ensures long-term performance. Suitable for various industries, it provides essential data for process control and monitoring.
ACI CONFIGNIST88 1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Room (R2), NIST Cert
ACI CONFIGNIST85 1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Immersion, Welded Well, 4", NEMA 3R Enclosure, NIST Cert
ACI CONFIGNIST84 1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Immersion, Welded Well, 6", NEMA 3R Enclosure, NIST Cert
ACI CONFIGNIST76 100 Ohm RTD, 2" Freezer Probe 316SS, 10', NIST Cert
ACI CONFIGNIST58 1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Probe Only, 12", NIST Cert
ACI CONFIGNIST5 1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Rigid Probe Averaging, 18", Galvanized Enclosure, NIST Cert
ACI CONFIGNIST47 1,000 Ohm (Two Wires) RTD, Immersion, 2.5", Glavanized Enclosure, NIST Cert