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Ethernet Cable Accessories

Ethernet cable accessories play a role in the installation, expansion, and day-to-day management of data networks. They come in many shapes, types, and sizes--from keystone jacks to patch panels and racks--but they all serve the same basic purpose of making it even easier for you to set up and maintain cables that carry Ethernet signals.

In a wide range of environments, like homes and offices, people commonly use small wiring components called keystone jacks. These items provide a way to terminate an Ethernet cable into a wall plate or panel without making the whole network look messy.

In complicated setups seen in enterprise environments or data centers, patch panels are a mainstay device. They sit at the center of a very straightforward concept: bringing all the various ports, connectors, and cables used in a network to a spot where they can be easily accessed and maintained.

Also known as strain relief boots and cable boots, these boots slide over the connector of an RJ45 assembly, as well as part of the connected cable. Cable boots increase the bend radius at the end of the cable assembly and keep its wires from being forced out of the back of the connector (a situation called a "dislodging") or otherwise damaged.


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Cable UP48-811-GEN - 48 Port Cat 5E Enhanced Rack Mount Punch Down Patch Panel
Cable UP24-CAT6-GEN - 24 Port Cat 6 1RU Rack Mount Patch Panel
Cable UP24-811-GEN - 24 Port Cat 5E Enhanced Rack Mount Patch Panel
Cable RJ45PLUG-TSTP-6-100 - RJ45 Cat 6 Modular Plugs/Connectors for STP Stranded Wire (100)
Cable RJ45PLUG-STP-6-100 - RJ45 Cat 6 Modular Plugs/Connectors for STP Solid Wire - Qty 100
Cable RJ45PLUG-ST-CAT6-100 - RJ45 Cat 6 Modular Plugs/Connectors For Stranded Wire- Qty 100
Cable RJ45COUPLER-CAT6SH - RJ45 Cat 6 Shielded Inline Coupler for Ethernet Cables
Cable RJ45COUPLER-CAT6 - RJ45 Cat 6 Inline Coupler for Connecting Ethernet Cables
Cable RJ45COUPLER-CAT5ESH - RJ45 Cat 5E Shielded Inline Coupler to Connect Ethernet Cables
Cable RJ45COUPLER-CAT5 - RJ45 Cat 5/5E Inline Coupler for Connecting Ethernet Cables, White
Cable RJ45-X-COUPLER - RJ45 Cat 5E Crossover Inline Coupler for Crossover Connections
Cable KEYSURFBOX-2-WH - Keystone Surface Mount Box, 2 Port, White