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Ethernet Cable Accessories

Ethernet cable accessories are essential items that facilitate the installation, management, and extension of wired networks. They range from keystone jacks, which provide a secure, snap-in interface for Ethernet cables, to patch panels that serve as a central hub for network cables in a server room or data center. These accessories help streamline your setup and offer a more organized, efficient way to manage your cables.

Keystone jacks are commonly used in both home and office environments. They allow you to terminate your Ethernet cable into a wall plate or patch panel, providing a clean and professional look. Patch cables, on the other hand, are shorter Ethernet cables that are typically used to connect devices to nearby network switches or routers.

Patch panels are an essential component in more complex installations, such as those found in businesses or data centers. These panels provide a centralized location where all the Ethernet cables from different parts of a building come together. They make it easier to manage the maze of wires and can be mounted on racks for better organization.


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Ethernet Cable Boot (Grey) for RJ45 connectors to prevent snagging.
RJ45 crimp on connectors. 50 micron, 2 prong modular Cat 6 RJ45 plug with staggered pins for use with solid copper UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair).