Ethernet Cable Accessories

Making an Ethernet cable can be as simple as purchasing the proper tools, wire and connectors. The outer jacket of the cable is stripped to the required length, the internal wires are then cut and put in the right order and the connector is placed on the end of the cable.

RJ45 connectors are a standardized interface which connects internet-enabled devices directly into hardware such as a modem, router or server. Most standard Ethernet cables consist of four twisted-pair wire strands, totaling eight individual wires. RJ45 connectors separate and correctly terminate the eight individual wires. RJ45 wiring is based on an 8P8C (8 position, 8 contact) configuration.

Cable boots, sometimes referred to as strain-relief boots, are placed over the RJ45 connector and a portion of the cable. The cable boot protects the connection from being damaged by decreasing the maximum bend radius and preventing the wires from being dislodged from the connector body.


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Ethernet Cable Boot (Grey) for RJ45 connectors to prevent snagging.
RJ45 crimp on connectors. 50 micron, 2 prong modular Cat 6 RJ45 plug with staggered pins for use with solid copper UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair).