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Pilot devices provide control and condition monitoring of different types of processes, equipment and machinery in industrial and commercial applications. They are used for communication from a machine to an operator or from an operator to a machine. Pilot devices can be an audio or visual indicator, or an actuator that is used to control the flow of energy to a process. Visual indicators are: pilot lights, signal towers, strobes and beacons. Audio indictors are: buzzers and sounder horns. Actuators are: push buttons, selector switches, toggle switches and potentiometers. 

Beacons and signal towers are used in a variety of industrial automation applications. They provide operators of machinery a clear visual indication of the machine‚Äôs status. Signal towers and beacons generally come in five different colors. Red can indicate an emergency stop or machine fault. Yellow can indicate a warning. Green can indicate normal operation. Blue can indicate a help request and white can be a user-defined condition. 

Schneider Electric complete beacons are designed as lighting accessories for tower lights. The flash discharge tube offers a strobe light, clearly displaying the status machines in applications such as assembly stations, automotive, machine tool, packaging, material handling and conveyors. They are impact, dust, water and vibration resistant due to IP65 protection, making them ideal for operation in harsh environments.


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