Non-Reversing Combination Starters

Electric motors and motor controls are measured by two different standards: the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). 

NEMA is mostly used in North America and started out by urging manufacturers to use a standard frame size for motor control and lighting applications. Since then, it sees to it that manufacturers design components that meet safety factors and design ratings, as well as oversees the configuration and performance parameters of electrical components. IEC oversees the standards for the European electrical communities. IEC-certified components are now widely being used by companies in North America and are low cost, compact and inherently safe to the users.

NEMA motor starters can be used for a wide range of applications. It is necessary to know the voltage and horsepower of the motor when selecting the proper NEMA motor starter.

Non-combination motor starters provide motor control and overload protection within a single enclosure, but require a separate disconnecting means for branch circuit protection. Combination motor starters provide motor control, overload protection and disconnecting means for branch circuit protecting all within the same enclosure. Combination starters reduce labor cost and the space needed for installation by eliminating the field wiring and conduit connections between the disconnecting means and the motor starter.

Non-reversing motor starters are a 3-phase motor controller with one motor contactor. The contactor opens and closes the power circuit to turn the motor on or off. Reversing motor starters are a 3-phase motor controller with two motor contactors. The motor can be reversed using forward and reverse motor contactors.


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Contactor, Definite Purpose, 50A, 3 pole, 30 HP at 575 VAC, 3 Phase, 110/120 VAC 50/60 Hz coil, with 60A Class J fuses
Contactor, Definite Purpose, 60A, 3 pole, 30 HP at 575 VAC, 3 Phase, 208/240 VAC 60 Hz 220 VAC 50 Hz coil, open
TeSys K IEC contactor, 9 A, 3 P, 5 HP at 480 VAC, nonreversing, 1 NO auxilliary contact, 120 VAC 50/60 Hz coil