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Antenna Mounts

Antenna mounts are critical components in antenna installation, providing a stable base for antennas and ensuring they are securely positioned for optimal signal reception or transmission. These mounts come in a variety of types and designs to cater to different installation conditions and antenna types.

When choosing an antenna mount, several factors need to be considered. Durability is crucial - the mount should be built to withstand various weather conditions, especially if it's for outdoor installation. Stainless steel mounts, for instance, offer high durability and corrosion resistance.

Ease of installation is another factor. Some mounts are designed for easy installation, requiring minimal tools and time. The maximum load capacity of the mount is also important, especially when dealing with larger antennas. The available space for the mount and the antenna should also be considered. For instance, some mounts are better suited for tight spaces, while others require a larger installation space.


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Peplink ACW-DIN-BR1-MINI DIN Rail Adapter BR1 Mini
Peplink ACW-825 Outdoor Antenna Kit Pole Mount - White - 2x 5GHz WiFi (N M) - 2x White - 2.4GHz WiFi (N M)
Peplink ACW-835 Outdoor Antenna Kit Pole Mount - White - 3x WiFi (N M)
Peplink MKS-011 PCSS Medal
Peplink MKS-010 PCE Medal
Peplink MKS-009 Waterproof Bag - 10L
Peplink MKS-008 A4 plastic folder
Peplink MKS-007 MBX | Bring it on Tee
Peplink MKS-006 SpeedFusion Tee
Peplink MKS-005 SpeedFusion Notepad
Peplink MKS-004 Sticker B
Peplink MKS-003 Sticker A