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Transtector Data & Signal Surge Protectors

Communication or signal lines that enter or exit a building are at the highest risk of power surge transients being induced onto the interconnecting signal lines. Surge protection devices should be installed at the point-of-entry or at the equipment termination itself. They must be designed to clamp the excess transient voltage to safe levels sustainable by the equipment while at the same time, not interfere with the normal signaling voltages.

Transtector ALPU PoE Series with SASD technology is a compact RJ-45 surge protector for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point applications. ALPU Fit & Lite with gas tube and hybrid SASD technology provides reliable surge protection for small cell networks, 3G and 4G applications. Thunderbolt Series with high power gas discharge tube (GDT) and TVSS protection, in a single device, provides bulkhead protection for Ethernet/PoE lines. DPR Series provides line and load bidirectional protection for GbE, PoE and Ethernet. CPX provides line and load bidirectional protection, carrier-grade surge protection and rack-mount multi-protocol protection. TSJ-USB Series with SASD technology provides protection for PC, WiFi and Security applications. MDPS Series provides surge protection up to GbE and PoE++ protocols for NEMA 4X outdoor enclosure applications.


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Transtector E3PM HT GPST Data Line Surge Protector (HT-NO-E3PM-GPST). GbE Protector
Transtector ALPU HT GBEPOE Data Line Surge Protector (HT-NO-ALPU-GBEP). GbE PoE++ - Transtector ALPU HT GBEPOE (HEMP Tested)
Transtector E3PM HT GbE Data Line Surge Protector (HT-NO-E3PM-GBE). GbE Protector
Transtector TSJ ADP Data Line Surge Protector (1101-747). Ground Bus Bar for attaching TSJ series products to 19" rack
Transtector ALPU PoE 90 M Data Line Surge Protector (1101-934). Compact, outdoor, 90 V, Power over Ethernet surge protection for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radios
Transtector TSJ X6 GbE Data Line Surge Protector (1101-1044). Six port dataline protector for GbE applications using transient blocking technology
Transtector TSP-9002 Data Line Surge Protector (1100-055-1). TSP offers best in class features using SASD technology for fast response time, low impedance per line of 33 ohm and ease of use mounting for indoor installations.
Transtector ALPU PoE Series - Transtector ALPU Data Line Surge Protector (1101-932). Outdoor, RoHS compliant, compact wireless broadband antenna/radio protection designed for PoE (Power over Ethernet) in an indoor/outdoor enclosure.
Transtector DRI-24LV Data Line Surge Protector (1101-1213). Desgined to protect DC data/signal circuits and provide positive status indication for all suppression components.
Transtector ALPU PTP M Data Line Surge Protector (1101-959). Outdoor Wall or Pole Mount PoE Protector
Transtector DPR GT Data Line Surge Protector (1101-911-1). Din Rail mount mountable, gigabit power over Ethernet primary protector with fail mode designed to GR1089-13.1.
Transtector ALPU PoE INJ - Transtector ALPU Data Line Surge Protector (1101-998).