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Mersen Fuses

Mersen Class J time-delay fuses provide IEC Type 2 “no damage” protection to main, feeder and branch circuits, as well as protection for motor and transformer inrush currents. They are available with SmartSpot visual open fuse indicator.

Mersen Class L fuses are 20 percent more current limiting than any other Class L fuse on the market. The A4BQ fuses protect service entrance equipment and protect downstream circuit components against short-circuit let-thru current. A4BQ fuses’ built-in 4-second time-delay (at 500 percent of rated current) accommodates harmless in-rush currents with no nuisance opening. The A4BT fuses protect mains, feeders and general circuits. The 10-second time-delay (at 500 percent fuse rating) is ideal for large motors and other loads with high in-rush currents. 

Mersen Class K5 general purpose fuses provide low cost protection for feeder and branch circuits serving heating, lighting and other non-motor loads. They will safely interrupt available short-circuit currents up to 50,000 amperes in all ratings.

Mersen Class RK1 time-delay fuses provide IEC Type 2 “no damage” protection to mains, feeder and branch circuits serving motor and non-motor loads. They will open fast enough under extreme fault conditions for short-circuit protection to prevent damage to switches, motor starters and other circuit components, while still providing the time-delay needed for motor in-rush currents.

Mersen Class RK5 current-limiting time-delay fuses provide overcurrent protection for service entrance equipment, feeders, branch-circuits, motors and transformers. The time-delay safely handles harmless in-rush currents.


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Mersen RFS90,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS80,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS70,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS600,,, UL Class H
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Mersen RFS6,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS500,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS50,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS5,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS450,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS45,,, UL Class H
Mersen RFS400,,, UL Class H