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Littelfuse Fuses

Littelfuse fuses and power distribution blocks are integral components in the protection and management of electrical systems across a broad spectrum of applications, from automotive and industrial to electronics and renewable energy sectors. Littelfuse fuses are meticulously designed to offer precise protection against overcurrent and short circuit conditions, safeguarding sensitive electronic components and systems from damage. They come in a variety of types, including blade fuses for automotive applications, cartridge fuses for industrial equipment, and semiconductor fuses for high-speed protection of electronic circuits, each tailored to meet specific voltage, current, and speed requirements.

Power distribution blocks from Littelfuse serve as efficient central points for distributing electrical power from a single input source to multiple outputs, simplifying wiring, enhancing safety, and improving the cleanliness of electrical installations. These blocks are engineered for high conductivity and low resistance, ensuring reliable power distribution without significant energy loss. Available in various configurations, Littelfuse power distribution blocks accommodate different wire sizes and numbers of connections, offering flexibility for diverse electrical systems.


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Littelfuse MSSPNH1500X Solar Fuse -
Littelfuse LFNH15630FBC Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH15400FBC Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH15200FBC Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH156301CST Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH154001CST Fuse Block -
Littelfuse SPNH200 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH160 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH125 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH100 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH080 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH063 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC