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Littelfuse Fuses

Littelfuse manufactures fuses and power distribution blocks which are at the center of electrical system protection and management. They perform an important function in many applications and across a broad range of sectors, such as automotive, industrial, electronics, and the energy space. Precise, and meticulously designed, Littelfuse fuses offer that all-important protection from overcurrent and short circuits. As a result, sensitive electrical components and systems are shielded from damage. 

You find a wide variety of fuse types in use today, and this partly reflects the incredible diversity of voltage, current, and speed requisites to which these systems are being tailored. Littelfuse makes blade fuses for automotive use; it makes cartridge fuses for industrial use, etc., and not to be left out, it makes semiconductor fuses. And each of these types, when appropriately chosen, allows the user to meet the precise needs of nearly every possible application.



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Littelfuse MSSPNH1500X Solar Fuse -
Littelfuse LFNH15630FBC Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH15400FBC Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH15200FBC Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH156301CST Fuse Block -
Littelfuse LFNH154001CST Fuse Block -
Littelfuse SPNH200 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH160 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH125 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH100 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH080 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC
Littelfuse SPNH063 Solar Fuse - 1500 VDC