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Enclosure Cable Manager Accessories

Cable manager accessories can include various items designed to aid in the installation and control of cables and their connected equipment. For instance, rear panels can offer additional support to manage cables coming from the backside of the rack. These are often a pair with the front-facing patch panels, offering a streamlined solution for complex cabling needs.

In addition to panels, other accessories like steel or aluminum hooks can be mounted on racks to guide cables in an organized manner. These hooks can vary in diameter and depth, offering flexibility for different types and sizes of cables. They can be particularly useful in control cabinets or server racks where space is at a premium.

Ties are another set of accessories that are simple to install and offer essential support for keeping cables organized. They can be particularly useful when changes to the cable layout occur over time, as they allow for easy adjustments without requiring a complete overhaul of the existing setup.


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Rittal 7831472 Cable Routing Accessories, Depth-variable support system, allows for the attachment of most common cable route systems, may be attached to all 800 – 1200 mm deep network racks with external screw-fastening of the roof plate.
Rittal 7257105 Cable Routing Accessories, For horizontal management of patch cables, with 5 cable routing brackets., Height: ", Width:  19 "
Rittal 7072230 Cable Routing Accessories, The nylon loop fastener allows for easy release of secured cables, and individual cables to be added or removed, ideal for sensitive data cables (fiber optic/Cu)., Width:  0.79 ", Depth: "
Hoffman PHCT4 Horizontal Cable Trough
Hoffman PHCT3 Horizontal Cable Trough
Hoffman PHCT2 Horizontal Cable Trough
Hoffman PHCT1 Horizontal Cable Trough
Hoffman PCMFTD10 Frame Tie-Down Bracket
Hoffman PFBDR9 Front-to-Back D-Ring Bracket
Hoffman PFBDR8 Front-to-Back D-Ring Bracket
Hoffman PFBDR12 Front-to-Back D-Ring Bracket
Hoffman PFBDR11 Front-to-Back D-Ring Bracket