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Phoenix Contact AC UPS DIN rail products ensure maximum failsafe performance in the event of voltage failure or voltage fluctuations. They deliver a pure sine curve at the output and supply AC consumers with alternating current without interruption. 

Phoenix Contact QUINT AC USP with IQ Technology optimizes and monitors energy storage. It keeps track of the state of charge and the remaining runtime of the energy storage and warns in advance before failures occur. Service life of energy storage is maximized and all relevant information can be transferred to a computer and higher-level controllers.

Phoenix Contact TRIO AC UPS with integrated energy storage can be retrofitted into existing systems and saves space in control cabinets. It combines the UPS module and energy storage in a single housing and ensures long buffer times with the integrated VRLA energy storage system.  The BAT-START cold start function makes startup from the energy storage system possible, even without a power supply network. The AC UPS includes an integrated USB interface for connection to higher-level controllers and can be used to shut down connected industrial PCs.


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Uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology for DIN rail mounting. Input: 120/230 VAC, output: 120/230 VAC/1 kVA. Provides information regarding the state of charge, remaining runtime, and service life of the rechargeable battery module at any time, thereby increasing system availability.
1AC/1AC/750 VA uninterruptible power supply with integrated energy storage, lead AGM, VRLA technology, 24 VDC, 3.4 Ah for 230 VAC applications.
1AC/1AC/750 VA uninterruptible energy supply with integrated energy storage, lead AGM, VRLA technology, 24 VDC, 3.4 Ah for 120 VAC applications.
Phoenix Contact 2320270 Line Interactive UPS Pure Sine Wave 500VA