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Voltage control transformers are used in industrial starter circuits where the main circuit voltage is too high for use in the control circuit and where a separate control circuit feed would not be practical. Power can be tapped off of the main feed and passed through a control transformer which could then supply the lower voltage needed. Heavy electrical machinery run on higher voltages, however, the contactors that start the machinery operate at much lower voltages. Instead of running separate cables or installing extra bus bars, the main circuit voltage can be stepped down using a control transformer to the lower voltage required.

Schneider Electric’s Square D Transformer Disconnects mount inside or outside a control system enclosure and provide power to auxiliary, single-phase loads when the main three-phase disconnect is either ON or OFF. The transformer disconnect is normally wired to the line side of the control panel’s main disconnect. The 120 V power can be used for isolated or auxiliary loads, such as programmable controller equipment, portable power tools and panel lighting. The units consist of copper-wound transformers, a disconnect switch and primary and secondary fuse blocks. All blocks are installed in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures.


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Ericson SR50 50a Pwr Cs6369 Recpt w/Metal Waterproof Box And 21" #6 Leads
Ericson EC2HAN Kit Ec2 Push Handle Replacement
Ericson EC2CC Kit Cover For Combo Enclosure Ec2 Replacement
Ericson EC2CB20C Kit Circuit Breaker Gfi20a Ec2combo
Ericson EC212320 Kit 12/3 Sow Pigtail With Nema 5-20c Connectors For Ecart Panel Replacement