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Cable Ties

Cable ties, also known as zip ties or tie wraps, are versatile fasteners primarily designed to bundle or secure cables and wires. They come in different types and are manufactured from various materials like nylon, stainless steel, or even detectable materials for use in specialized settings like the food industry. Each type of cable tie has its unique set of features that make it suitable for particular applications.

Nylon zip ties are among the most commonly used due to their flexibility and durability. They are usually supplied in various lengths and can be pulled tight manually or with a specialized tool. The tension is held by a ratchet mechanism within the head of the tie, ensuring a secure grip on the bundled cables. For more demanding environments where high strength is needed, steel cable ties or ties made from stainless steel cables are often used. These are not only strong but also resistant to chemicals and temperature variations, making them suitable for industrial use.


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Ilsco 93185 - Nylon Cable Tie, 28in, Natural Color, 8in Bundle Diameter, 120lb Tensile Strength, Pack of 50, NEMA Code 0-000-1. Halogen-free, UL 94 V2 flammability rating, Plenum rated, ratchet lock mechanism for secure fastening. Operating temperature -45°C to 85°C, releasable for reusability. Ideal for bundling cables in various applications.
Ilsco SEC-2W - Nylon Wire Clip (0.0300-0.1250in Thickness Range, 0.760 Height) in a Bag of 500. NEMA Code 0-000-1, Black Nylon material. UL Control Number NA, -40°C to 121°C Temperature Rating, Halogen Free. Molded construction, Cable Tie Mounting Method with 45 lbs Holding Strength. Max Thickness Range 0.0300-0.1250in.
Ilsco SC8-CTUV50 - Nylon Wire Clip with Side In-Line Cable Tie Orientation, Thickness Range of 0.1250-0.2500in. Each clip is 0.748in Height, comes in a bag of 100, and includes cable ties. Sturdy, efficient solution for organizing and securing cables.
Ilsco SC8 - This Nylon Wire Clip has a 0.1250-0.2500in thickness range and 0.748in height. Sold in a bag of 500, it is black and made of halogen-free nylon. With a temperature rating of -40°C to 121°C, it is molded for durability. Mount with cable ties for a holding strength of 45lb.
Ilsco SC7-CTUV50 - Nylon Wire Clip with 90° Side Cable Tie Orientation, suitable for 0.1250-0.2500in thickness range. Each clip is 0.748in in height. Sold in a bag of 500, including cable ties for secure fastening. Ideal for organizing and securing cables efficiently.
Ilsco SC7 - Nylon Wire Clip (0.1250-0.2500in) with 90° Side Cable Tie Orientation. Bag of 500, NEMA Code 0-000-1. Black color, Halogen-Free Nylon material. Temperature Rating -40°C to 121°C. Molded construction, Cable Tie Mounting Method. Holding Strength of 45lbs. Max Thickness Range for clip: 0.1250-0.2500in. No Cable Tie included.
Ilsco SC6-CTUV50 - The Nylon Wire Clip features a top 90° cable tie orientation, suitable for 0.0300-0.1250in thickness. Each bag contains 500 clips with included cable ties. It is black, halogen-free, and rated from -40°C to 121°C. With a molded construction and 45lbs holding strength, it is ideal for secure cable management.
Ilsco SC6 - The Nylon Wire Clip is designed for top 90° cable tie orientation, with a thickness range of 0.0300-0.1250in. It comes in a bag of 500, with a height of 0.740in and a NEMA Code of 0-000-1. Made of black nylon, it is halogen-free and has a temperature rating of -40°C to 121°C. The molded clip has a mounting method of cable tie, with a holding strength of 45. Max thickness range of clip is 0.0300-0.1250in, with cable tie not included. Also features cable tie slot orientation of top 90°.
Ilsco SC5-CTUV50 - Nylon Wire Clip with side in-line cable tie orientation, suitable for 0.0300-0.1250in thickness range. 0.610in height, bag of 500, black color. Material: Nylon, UL control number: NA. Temperature rating: -40°C to 121°C, halogen-free. Molded construction, mounting method: cable tie. Holding strength: 45. Max thickness range: 0.0300-0.1250in. Cable tie included, side in-line orientation. NEMA Code: 0-000-1.
Ilsco SC5 - Nylon Wire Clip for 0.0300-0.1250in Thickness Range with Side In-Line Cable Tie Orientation. 0.610in Height, Bag of 500. Durable and easy-to-use solution for organizing and securing cables in various applications. Ideal for industrial and household use.
Ilsco SC4-CTUV50 - Nylon Wire Clip designed for top in-line cable tie orientation, 0.1250-0.2500in thickness range. Bag of 500, includes cable tie. NEMA Code: 0-000-1. Color: Black. Material: Nylon. UL Control Number: NA. Temperature Rating: -40°C to 121°C. Halogen Free. Molded construction. Mounting Method: Cable Tie. Holding Strength: 45. Max thickness range: 0.1250-0.2500in. Cable Tie Slot Orientation: Side in-line.
Ilsco SC4 - Nylon Wire Clip for cable management, top in-line orientation with 0.1250-0.2500in thickness range. 0.740in height, NEMA Code 0-000-1, black color, halogen-free nylon material. Temperature rating -40°C to 121°C. Molded construction with 45lb holding strength. Mounting method: Cable tie. Bag of 500 clips. Cable tie not included.