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Enclosure Leg Kits

Electrical enclosures are designed to house industrial components and to protect them from the surrounding environment. They are also designed to protect operators from electric shock. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Some things to consider when selecting the proper enclosure would be the number of components housed inside and what material and rating will provide the appropriate protection. Enclosures come in wall-mount, floor-mount (with legs) and freestanding (enclosure extends to the floor). When selecting freestanding enclosures, there are several enclosure bases to consider: floor stands, leg and casters and pedestals.

Hoffman Frame Feet are installed on the bottom of PROLINE frames to raise the frame 9 mm.

Hoffman Stainless Steel Legs mount to the bottom of a solid base to elevate the enclosure 4 inches from the floor. The legs are made of Type 304 stainless steel and are appropriate for hose-down applications.

Hoffman Sanitary Leg Kits provide space between the floor and the enclosure for better wash down accessibility. They are available with fixed or independently adjustable legs. NEMA Type 4X rating is maintained when properly installed on a Hoffman Type 4X enclosure.



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Hoffman PLEGSS Stainless Steel Legs The grounding kit allows a PROLINE enclosure to be grounded by MBJ Grounding and Bonding Braids according to IEC62208 specifications. ERIFLEX braids provide a convenient grounding solution for applications that require flexibility and durability, are resistant to vibration and fatigue, reducing maintenance, have less impedance than cables. Kit includes 7 grounding braids and mounting hardware.
Hoffman PMBLM12 Mobile Base Leveling Kit. This leveling kit provides levelers that mount in the outer corners of the mobile base. Load-bearing capacity of 1000 lbs.
Hoffman PLM12 Frame Levelers
Hoffman PFFM12 Frame Feet These Hoffman PFFM12 PROLINE Frame Feet are perfect for the bottom of PROLINE frames. They raise the frame 9mm.
Hoffman WSFSLKSS Sanitary Leg Kit Set of 4
Hoffman WSASLKSS Sanitary Leg Kit Set of 4