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Enclosure Patch Kits

Electrical enclosures are designed to house industrial components and to protect them from the surrounding environment. They are also designed to protect operators from electric shock. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Some things to consider when selecting the proper enclosure would be the number of components housed inside and what material and rating will provide the appropriate protection.

Electrical enclosures sometimes need to be modified in order to fit the needs of certain applications. This may require additional cut-outs or holes to be drilled into the enclosure or, when no longer needed, the cut-outs and holes need to be sealed.

Hoffman Epoxy Patch Kits can be used to touch-up epoxy-coated enclosures. Other uses include sealing rivets, bolts, seams, metal joints, welds, pipe couplings cement cracks, joints and tees. When the hardener and resin are mixed, a gray epoxy is formed which cures at room temperature. The epoxy has high adhesion, will not sag and is resistant to acids, chemicals and oils.


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Hoffman A307 Epoxy Patch Kit Applications include sealing rivets, bolts, metal joints, seams and welds, cement cracks, pipe couplings, joints and tees. Each kit has two tubes of material, application instructions and a mixing stick.