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Industrial Modem & Router Accessories

Industrial modems receive information from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) through phone lines (DSL), coaxial cables or optical fiber and converts it into a digital signal. This digital signal can now be utilized by an industrial router to get the information to connected devices through Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. The speed and reliability of the information transmission can vary greatly depending on the type and design of the modem and router.

Cellular routers allow multiple devices in a Wi-Fi network to access the Internet by connecting to cellular towers, creating an Internet gateway on the move, or in areas without accessible or reliable Wi-Fi. Traditional routers obtain Internet access through cable, telephone or fiber optic lines. Industrial cellular routers are designed to be compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE technology to provide flexibility and speed to any network and are able to operate within a wide temperature range. They have connections for serial, Ethernet and digital I/O and can be mounted to a panel or DIN rail.


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IOC-PSV I/O Ethernet Modem Interface Card necessary for ethernet modems to use on UCF-16 rack
ICU-590 Inductive Coupler
9TE-R blind panel blank painted RAL7032
9TE-S blind panel blank steel
5TE-R blind panel blank painted RAL7032
5TE-S blind panel blank steel
4TE-R blind panel blank painted RAL7032
4TE-S blind panel blank steel
Ac power adapter 110Vac-24Vdc for connecting LLM-336 and ADSL-2401 modems to Ac power.
IOC-PSU7T Power entry unit for (UCF-16.3) for use with PSU-2406S
PSU-2460S Power Supply 24V-60W PSU with strip for all slots for UCF-16.3 used in conjunction with IOC-PSU7T.
IOC-PSV I/O Serial Modem Interface Card necessary for serial modems to use on UCF-16 rack