Enclosure Shelves, Drawers & Tray Accessories

Interior components are easily added at any time to a modular enclosure. These include: shelves and sliding shelves, drawers and trays. The flexibility provided by a modular enclosure allows for easier installation and removal of internal components as needed.

Hoffman Frame Pull-Out Shelves allow easy access to shelf-mounted devices. The shelves mount to the front and rear frame uprights of PROLINE enclosures. They are made of 16 gauge steel with a load rating of 110 pounds. Hoffman Pull-Out Shelf Locks are used in combination with the Pull-Out Shelves to hold the shelves in the recessed position. They can be mounted on either the right or left side. The black, quarter-turn locks have a wing knob for easy hand operation. The Pull-Out Shelf Locks are not compatible with the Frame Pull-Out Shelves.

Hoffman Rack-Mount Sliding Shelves fit 19 inch and 23 inch rack spacing and adjust to fit multiple-depth enclosures and rack angle placements. The shelves are made of 14 gauge steel and have a load rating of 150 pounds with four corner mounting, and 75 pounds with 2 post or front-rack-angle cabinet mounting. Hoffman Cable Manager Arms mount to the back of sliding equipment shelves on the right or left side. The arms control cable movement as the shelves slide in or out.

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Hoffman PSHLOCK Pull-Out Shelf Lock is used in combination with the Pull-Out Shelf to hold the shelf in the recessed position. It can be mounted on either the left or right side. This black quarter-turn lock has a wing knob for easy hand operation.
Hoffman EPSBKT Pull-out shelf bracket.
Hoffman PHCB (Black) Cable Manager Arm for Sliding Equipment Shelf Cable Manager Arm mounts to back of sliding equipment shelf on right or left side. Controls cable movement as shelf slides in and out.