Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure heaters are devices that are used to maintain a consistent temperature inside electrical enclosures. They are particularly useful in environments where the temperature may drop below the operating range of the equipment, such as in outdoor locations or in unheated buildings.

Enclosure heaters are available in a variety of types and sizes, including convection heaters, fan heaters, radiant heaters, and resistance heaters. They can be powered by electricity or by other heat sources, such as steam or hot water.

When selecting an enclosure heater, it is important to consider factors such as the size and temperature range of the enclosure, the power requirements of the heater, and any relevant safety regulations or standards. For example, hazardous location heaters must be designed to meet specific safety standards to prevent the risk of fire or explosion.

Enclosure heaters typically have a compact design and are installed inside the enclosure. They may come with an aluminum mounting plate for panel mount or many heaters are now DIN rail mountable.

One important consideration when using enclosure heaters is the potential for condensation to form inside the enclosure. If the temperature inside the enclosure is too warm relative to the ambient temperature outside, moisture may condense on the surfaces of the enclosure and the equipment inside. This can lead to corrosion, damage to electrical components, or other issues. To provide condensation control, it is often necessary to use a combination of enclosure heaters and ventilation or dehumidification systems to maintain a proper balance of temperature and relative humidity inside the enclosure.


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Rittal 7030128 CMC III Sensors
Rittal 3188945 Wall-mounted cooling unit Blue e+ chemical 1.6 - 5.8 kW
Rittal 4531001 With one-sided mounting on the 482.6 mm (19") adapter profiles.
Rittal 7280100 Service outlet for enclosure frame attachment/16 A, integration of a service outlet within a separate supply circuit, independently of the IT network and UPS.
Rittal 3450500 For connecting round conductors and laminated copper bars.
Rittal 4050030 Assembly aid for tools, for changing and calibrating tools such as drills, milling cutters or screw taps. Suitable for SK30 tool holders.
Rittal 3214115 Output classes 375 – 5,000 W. For use in tough environments. Convenient mounting options and flexible water connection options. Partial or full internal mounting possible.
Rittal 4309000 For simple attachment of cable ducts, cable conduit holders, contact hazard protection cover plates, equipment installed on the door, cable clamping and attachment.
Rittal 3105370 ENCLOSURE HEATER 150W 110-240V PTC HEATER, REPLACES 3102170
Rittal 3105360 ENCLOSURE HEATER 100W 110-240V PTC HEATER, REPLACES 3107160
Rittal 3105350 ENCLOSURE HEATER 75W 110-240V PTC HEATER, REPLACES 3107150