Hoffman HMI Enclosure Accessories

HMI enclosures are designed specifically for the wide range of Human Machine Interface applications found in industrial settings. It is important to have customization options like removable front plates that allow for easy installation of HMI components, optional door panels that can be mounted anywhere and cutout options where needed. Some enclosures are designed to enclose, protect and suspend lightweight HMI devices. HMI enclosures should always be rated to protect sensitive systems from the sometimes harsh environments found in industrial settings. This would include protection against moisture, chemicals and dirt, as well as, temperature variations.

Hoffman PROLINE slope-front HMI enclosures have a 5 degree slope and are ideal for monitors and keyboards. The modular design is adaptable for nearly any application. Accessories include many possible mounting options, fronts, backs, doors and bases that can be added to the core frame to build an enclosure to suit specific applications.

Hoffman INLINE HMI enclosures are available in a solid-back body design and a rear-access body design. They are ideal for small HMI devices and have multiple options that allow for many different configurations. Accessories include fixed bezels, fixed windows and deep-hinged windows.

Hoffman CONCEPT HMI enclosures are ideal for applications that utilize flat-screens, pushbuttons and other similar devices. These enclosures are made of light gray, 14 gauge steel and have a range of customization options. Accessories include handle kits, clipboard/white boards, drive access doors and keyboard trays.


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