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HMI Enclosure Accessories

HMI enclosure accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality and adaptability of HMI enclosures. For those who need to integrate command panels into their setup, there are specific enclosure types tailored to accommodate these panels seamlessly. An inline HMI, for instance, can be added to ensure that users can quickly access vital information. Accessories also cater to the aesthetic appeal and durability of the enclosure. For example, the light gray color option provides a neutral appearance that easily integrates into various environments. In more demanding settings, stainless steel accessories can be employed to provide additional resilience against challenging conditions.

To facilitate the mounting of HMI devices, mounting hardware is available that ensures easy installation and secure placement, be it on a wall, panel, or other surfaces. For those requiring clear visibility into the enclosure without opening it, window surfaces can be integrated into the door of the HMI enclosure. Additionally, keyboards are a commonly sought-after accessory for HMI enclosures as they allow users to input commands and interact with the system directly. To keep the enclosures securely closed, there are various options for latches and handles, each designed to ensure easy access when needed but also to maintain the security of the installed equipment. To accommodate the unique needs of various applications, some HMI enclosure accessories can be custom-ordered or modified to provide specific features or adapt to unique mounting requirements.


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Schneider Electric NSYCMT5020 is a Spacial range tube made of extruded steel with an epoxy-polyester powder surface finish. With dimensions of 78.74 in (2000 mm) in height, 1.97 in (50 mm) in width, and 0.16 in (4 mm) in thickness, it is ideal for multi-purpose applications. This set includes one tube, to be mounted between fixing supports and fittings. It weighs 30.86 lb (14 kg) and can handle a linear load of 4.37 lb/ft (6.5 kg/m).
Schneider Electric NSYCMUCR50 is an aluminium bent and rotating enclosure fixing from the Spacial range. With a height of 4.53 in and a diameter of 3.78 in, it is designed for vertical mounting on enclosures. It has a net weight of 2.87 lb and can handle a permanent permissible load of 2.76 lb.
Schneider Electric NSYCMUCR80 is a bent and rotating enclosure fixing that is part of the Spacial range. It is made of durable aluminium with an epoxy-polyester powder surface finish. With a height of 5.71 inches (145mm), it is designed for multi-purpose use and can be mounted vertically on enclosures. This product weighs 7.28 pounds (3.3kg) and has a permanent permissible load of 6.83 pounds (3.1kg). Its diameter is 5.47 inches (139mm) and it has an operating angle of 310 degrees.
Rittal 7281200 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, For 482.6 mm (19") mounting level, suitable for accommodating keyboards up to a maximum of 420 x 40 x 220 mm, fully extendible, lockable.
Rittal 7281035 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, For 482.6 mm (19") mounting level, suitable for keyboards up to 430 mm wide and 250 mm deep when front panel is folded up., Height: ", Width:  19 "
Rittal 6903200 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Installed on a surface, facilitates easy removal of pages from the printer without opening the housing door.
Rittal 6902950 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, The space-saving alternative instead of device shelves for holding tower PCs (max 20 kg). For screwing to the tubular door frame of 600 mm wide enclosures., Height: 6.26 ", Width:  17.5 ", Depth: 9.06 "
Rittal 6731120 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, Prevents wiring plans etc. from slipping.
Rittal 6514200 Human/Machine Interface Accessories, To support standard keyboards during programming and servicing work, rest requires mounting clearance of at least 300 mm to ensure problem-free pivoting.
Rittal 6505500 Human/Machine Interface Accessories
Rittal 6505200 Human/Machine Interface Accessories
Rittal 6505100 Human/Machine Interface Accessories