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Transtector AC Surge Protection

AC surge protectors, also known as surge protection devices (SPDs) or transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSSs), are devices that are inserted into the alternating current (AC) line to protect electrical, data communication and telecommunication equipment from damage caused by lightning and electrical transient surges. The AC surge protector short-circuits to electrical ground any transient voltage that goes above a certain threshold while allowing the flow of normal current to remain unaffected.

Transtector IMAX Series is a hybrid silicon diode/thermally protected MOV design with line and load bidirectional protection. This series features field-replaceable suppression modules, visual and remote status monitoring and is Motorola R-56 approved. APEX IMAX HT Series is engineered for 120/208, 120/240 and 120 VAC applications. It features an outdoor EMI shielded enclosure, form C remote alarm contacts and low VPL at high induced surge currents. E3PA Series provides military grade, fail-safe fusing with continuous protection to downstream equipment. PV Series provides thermally protected MOV technology with an audible alarm and disable switch, visual and remote status indication per phase and EMI/RFI noise filtering. SP Series provides protection for Type 1 and Type 2 applications with MOV technology, LED Status indication and a compact design. I2R IEP Series are replaceable DIN rail mounted surge protectors featuring SASD technology, line and load bidirectional protection and visual and remote status indication. I2R T125 Series are replaceable DIN rail mounted suppression modules for 230 VAC single phase and 3-phase WYE and provide high capacity MOV protection. I2R 75K Series is for modular single-phase, split-phase, three-phase WYE, delta and high-leg delta. They are safe-fail and self-protected with a surge capacity of 75 kA.


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Transtector B70-00-6001 AC Surge Protector SPD SP PLUS Brick 240 Vac Single-Phase MOV 100 kA, TAA
Transtector E3PA HT 120Y. 120 Voltac EMP Protection Cabinet (HEMP Tested) (HT-AI-E3PA-120Y)
Transtector E3PA HT 120S. 12 Voltac EMP Component Protector (HEMP Tested) (HT-AI-E3PA-120S)
Transtector APEX IMAX HT 120S -AC Surge Protector (HT-AI-IMAX-120S). SASD replacement module for the APEX IMAX HT Series of AC EMP protection devices provide line and load bidirectional protection.
Transtector APEX IMAX HT 120T. 120/240 T EMP Protector (HEMP Tested) (HT-AO-IMAX-120T)
Transtector APEX IMAX HT 120Y. 120/208Y EMP Protector (HEMP Tested) (HT-AO-IMAX-120Y)
Transtector I2R SA230 40 -AC Surge Protector (1102-014-7). 230 Vac, RoHS compliant, DIN rail mounted surge arrester designed for the protection of sensitive electronic power systems.
Transtector I2R LSA 230W-150/20 -AC Surge Protector (1104-15-106). Interior AC DIN rail mount hardwire lightning arrestor.
Transtector I2R-75KYG600. 347/600 Voltac, 4-Pole, 3-Phase Wye, 5-Wire SPD (I2R-75KYG600)
Transtector I2R-75KS127. 127 Voltac, 1-Pole, Single-Phase, 2-Wire, Module Protector (I2R-75KS127)
Transtector I2R-75KD480. 480 Voltac, 3-Pole, Delta, Surge Protection (I2R-75KD480)
Transtector I2R-75KY600. 347/600 Voltac, 3-Pole, 3-Phase, 4-Wire Surge DeVoltice (I2R-75KY600)