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Ilsco power distribution blocks are designed to streamline and enhance the distribution of electrical power within various systems, catering to a wide range of applications in commercial, industrial, and utility settings. These blocks serve as centralized points where power from a single source can be divided and directed to multiple circuits, improving the organization of wiring systems and facilitating easier maintenance and upgrades. Ilsco's distribution blocks are recognized for their robust construction and reliability, featuring high-quality materials that ensure durability and safety under different operating conditions.

The versatility of Ilsco power distribution blocks is notable, with offerings that include single-pole, multi-pole, and modular configurations to meet the specific requirements of different electrical installations. This flexibility allows for customized power distribution solutions that can accommodate the unique needs of each application, whether it involves complex machinery, energy management systems, or simple lighting circuits.


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Ilsco PDM-22-500N-1 - Power Distribution Block, 1 Pole, dual-rated for 500-4 kcmil Line Conductors and 3/8-16 x 1-5/16 Load Studs. UL and CSA listed, aluminum construction with tin finish. 2 ports per pole on Line and Load sides. Voltage rating of 600V, 760A amperage rating. Mounting on panel, suitable for mechanical connections. UL 1059 Recognized.
Ilsco PDH-28-500-1 - This Power Distribution Block has a high Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 100 kA, featuring Dual Rating and UL / CULUS Specification UL 1059 Recognized. It accommodates Line Conductors from 500-6 and Load conductors from 2/0-14 with 2 Ports on the Line Side and 8 Ports on the Load Side. Made of Aluminum with Tin finish, it has a 600V Voltage Rating and Amperage Rating of 760 Amps. Ideal for panel mounting with a Thermoplastic enclosure. Fuse requirements: Class RK1-400A, Class CC-30A, Class GA-60A, Class T-600A, Class J-600A, Class RK5-200A. Meets CSA and UL standards.
Ilsco PDH-28-250-1 - High SCCR Power Distribution Block with dual rating, suitable for 250-1/0 line conductors and 2-14 load conductors. Features 2 ports per pole on the line side and 8 ports per pole on the load side. Made of black aluminum with tin finish connectors, UL and CSA approved with a 600V voltage rating and 100 kA SCCR. Comes with cover and suitable for panel mounting.
Ilsco PDH-26-2/0-1 - Power Distribution Block, High SCCR, Dual Rated for 2/0-14 Line and 4-14 Load conductors. 1 Pole with 2 Ports Line Side and 6 Ports Load Side. UL/CULUS Recognized, 600V, Aluminum with Tin Finish. Includes Cover, Internal Hex Drive, 100kA SCCR, Fuse Ratings: RK1-400A, CC-30A, GA-60A, T-400A, J-400A, RK5-100A. Mounting: Panel.
Ilsco PDE-22-250-CU - High SCCR Power Distribution Block with 1 pole, 2 ports per pole on line and load sides. Copper material with tin finish, 250-6 line/load conductor range. UL and CSA approved, 600V voltage rating, 100kA SCCR. Suitable for 400A RK1 fuse, panel mounting, and 8mm internal hex drive. Ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.
Ilsco PDE-22-250 - High SCCR Power Distribution Block with 2 ports per pole on line and load sides. Features aluminum construction with tin finish, rated for 600V and 510A. UL and CSA approved, suitable for copper and aluminum conductors ranging from 250 kcmil to 6 Str. Temperature rated at 75°C, mounting on panel.
Ilsco PDE-18-400-CU - This Power Distribution Block features High SCCR, Line Conductor Range 400-6, 2/0-14, Load Range 2-14, 1 Pole, UL Recognized, 600V Voltage Rating, 335 Amps Amperage Rating, and 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating. Made of Copper with Tin Finish, it has 1 Port per Pole on the Line Side and 8 Ports per Pole on the Load Side. Suitable for mechanical connections, Panel Mounting, and featuring a Thermoplastic Enclosure.UL 94 V0 Flammability Rating, CSA Standard C22.2 No. 65-03 compliant, with Drive Size Main 5 mm and Drive Type Tap Internal Hex. Fuse Required for Classes RK1, CC, GA, T, J, RK5, with Amp Ratings up to 400A. Ideal for industrial applications requiring reliable power distribution in a compact design.
Ilsco PDE-14-3/0-CU - Power Distribution Block with High SCCR, 1 Pole, 1 Port per Pole Line Side, 4 Ports per Pole Load Side. Copper material with Tin finish, suitable for 3/0-14 Line Conductor Range and 2-14 Load Range. Mountable on DIN rail, UL and CSA approved. Voltage Rating 600V, SCCR 100 kA. Supports various fuse classes.
Ilsco PDE-11-3/0-CU - High SCCR Power Distribution Block with 1 port per pole on line and load sides. Features copper construction, 3/0-14 conductor range, 600V voltage rating, and UL 1953 listing. Mountable on DIN rail, with 200A amperage rating and 100kA SCCR. Suitable for various fuse types including RK1, CC, GA, T, and RK5.
Ilsco PDM-22-500N-2 - This Power Distribution Block is a 2-pole, dual rated conductor block with 2 ports per pole on both the line and load sides. It is UL and CSA recognized with a voltage rating of 600V and 760A amperage rating for copper conductors. Made of aluminum with a black finish, it is suitable for panel mounting.
Ilsco PDH-28-500-2 - High SCCR Power Distribution Block with dual rating for line conductor range of 500-6 and load range of 2/0-14. Features 2 ports per pole line side, 8 ports per pole load side. UL and CSA approved, suitable for 600V applications. Made of aluminum with tin connector finish. Temperature rated for 75°C.
Ilsco PDH-28-250-2 - Power Distribution Block with High SCCR, 2 Ports Per Pole Line Side, 8 Ports Per Pole Load Side, 2 Pole design. Dual Rated for Line Range 250-1/0 and Load Range 2-14. UL and CSA certified, includes cover. Aluminum construction with Tin finish. Rated for 600V with 100kA SCCR. Fuse ratings included.