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Welcome to RSP Supply, your trusted distributor of Benshaw products for all your motor control needs. With an extensive global supply chain and a commitment to meeting your machine control objectives, we offer a wide range of Benshaw motor control products to support your operations.

As a distributor of Benshaw, we understand the importance of reliable motor controls in achieving optimal performance and efficiency. Our inventory includes Benshaw's high-quality solid-state motor starters, variable frequency drives (VFDs), soft starters, and other motor control products. We are uniquely qualified to meet your voltage control requirements with Benshaw's state-of-the-art solutions.

Benshaw soft starters are advanced motor control devices designed to provide a smooth and controlled start-up for electric motors. They are an alternative to traditional across-the-line starters and offer several benefits in terms of motor protection, energy efficiency, and reduced mechanical stress on equipment. See our full line of Benshaw Soft Starters here.

Benshaw, an ISO certified company, manufactures industry-leading motor control products designed to deliver precise control, enhanced energy efficiency, and exceptional performance. Their commitment to engineering excellence and continuous development ensures that you receive top-of-the-line motor control solutions.

RSP Supply offers not only Benshaw products but also a wide range of accessories and components to complement your motor control systems. Whether you need control panels, circuit breakers, voltage controls or other related products, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the right Benshaw products to meet your specific requirements.

With a focus on customer support and satisfaction, we provide comprehensive services that go beyond product distribution. Our team is available to answer your questions, provide technical support, and assist you throughout the product selection and servicing process.

When you choose RSP Supply as your Benshaw distributor, you gain access to our extensive inventory, reliable delivery, and exceptional customer service. We take pride in our commitment to being stocking distributor of Benshaw products and delivering them to your doorstep promptly.

Shop with confidence at RSP Supply and experience the reliability and performance of Benshaw motor control products. We are your trusted partner for all your motor control needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or browse our inventory online. Let us help you achieve efficient and reliable motor control solutions that drive success in your operations.