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Mulogic Modems Authorized Distributor :
RSP Supply is MuLogic's only authorized distributor for the USA. MuLogic designs and manufactures Industrial Grade DSL Modems with plug and play setup. Mulogic has the best industrial, long haul leased line modem available anywhere. MuLogic Modems are ideal for Serial and Ethernet protocol applications to reliably and quickly relay data. Find Networking and Communication Products from Mulogic Here!

MuLogic Products -

 • Industrial DSL Modems
 • Industrial Leased Line Modems
 • Industrial ADSL Routers
 • Industrial Cellular Routers


RSP Supply carries a full line of MuLogic Modems including MuLogic Leased Line Modems which are long haul industrial leased line point to point modems. We have Serial Leased Line Modems and Ethernet Leased Line Modems in DIN rail mount, rack mount and standalone models. These are the best long haul modems anywhere.

MuLogic Industrial DSL Modems with wide temperature range specs for harsh environments. MuLogic makes a rugged DSL modem for applications where you need reliable DSL communication in severe conditions. The MuLogic Industrial DSL Modem is a din rail mount modem for easy installation in a cabinet.

All MuLogic Modems are available in the VR1 version for 12 volt and 24 volt power and the VR2 version for 24 volt and 48 volt power. These modems are ideal for locations where you have phone lines and need Modbus or TCPIP communication from a PLC or RTU. All MuLogic Modems are sold at discounted prices.