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RSP Supply is your one-stop shop for your commercial and industrial SCADA and automation projects with more than 1,000 different Mersen fuses. Find your Mersen Fuses Here!

Our filters let you quickly and easily find the fuse you need by selecting features such as use amperage rating (with over 100 amperage options ranging from .1 amps to 6,000 amps), voltage ratings (from 125 volts to 600 volts), and size (from over 50 options) to find the ideal fuse for your situation.


Mersen Fuses by Response Time –

 • One Time Use Fuses
 • Time Delayed Fuses

 • Fast Acting Fuses


Mersen Fuses by Fuse Class & Type –

 • Class CC Fuses
 • Class G Fuses
 • Class H Fuses
 • Class J Fuses
 • Class K-5 Fuses
 • Class L Fuses
 • Class Midget Fuses

 • Class RK1 Fuses
 • Class RK5 Fuses
 • Class T Fuses
 • Electronic Fuses
 • Ferrule Fuses
 • Form 600 Fuses
 • Glass Fuses

If you don't find the Mersen low, medium, or high voltage fuse or accessory you are looking for, contact us at (888) 532 - 2706.