Smart Overload Relays

Overload relays protect the motor and its components from an overload situation, which can result in excessive heat and damage. The overload relay is wired in series with the motor, so that the electrical current that flows to the motor will flow through the overload relay as well. When the electrical current flowing in the monitored circuit exceeds a certain preset limit over a certain period of time, the overload relay will trip, causing an auxiliary contact to interrupt the motor control circuit. This de-energizes the contactor, removing power to the motor, avoiding overheating and damage. The overload relay will reset automatically after a certain period of time or can be reset manually after the cause of the overload has been rectified.

Schneider Electric TeSys T provides full motor monitoring, control and protection for electric motors when used with a short circuit protection device and a contactor. TeSys T has a main controller that provides communication features, current-based protection and monitoring, and statistics and control features. When fully open, TeSys T communicates with commonly used Ethernet networks and protocols: Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP. It can also communicate via Modbus, CANopen, PROFIBUS DP and DeviceNet protocols. TeSys T is able to accurately monitor power, current and voltage over a wide range, and features advanced protection and warning functions. This accurate monitoring allows TeSys T to predict process shutdowns and manage processes more efficiently. TeSys T has been designed to fit NEMA and IEC applications.


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Motor Management, TeSys T, motor controller, Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, 6 inputs, 3 outputs, 1.35 to 27A, 100 to 240 VAC
Motor Management, TeSys T, motor controller, DeviceNet, 6 inputs, 3 relay outputs, 1.35 to 27A, 100 to 240 VAC