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Overload Relays

NEMA overload relays are devices used to protect motors from overload conditions. They are typically thermal overload relays, which detect excessive motor current and respond by interrupting the power supply. These relays are often panel-mounted, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. They may include auxiliary contacts for additional control and signaling purposes.

NEMA overload relays come in different types, including thermal overload relays and combination starters. They provide essential protection for motors, ensuring their safe operation and preventing damage caused by excessive current or power surges. By interrupting the circuit, they safeguard the motor from overheating, which can lead to reduced performance, shortened motor life, or even catastrophic failure.

When selecting a NEMA overload relay, factors such as the motor's power, size, and type need to be considered. The relay must be sized appropriately to match the motor's requirements and provide reliable protection. It is important to ensure that the relay is designed for the intended motor application and that it meets the necessary certifications and conformity standards.


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Melting Alloy Overload Relay Size 2 One Pole 45A 600VAC/DC
Overload Relay, Type S, melting alloy, Size 2, 3 pole, 45A maximum, 600 VAC, separate mount, panel mount
Melting alloy overload relay, NEMA Size 1, three pole, 25 A, 600 VAC
Melting alloy overload relay, NEMA Size 2, three pole, 45 A, 600 VAC
Melting alloy overload relay, NEMA Sizes 00, 0,1, three pole, 27 A, 600 VAC