Hoffman SYSPEND 281 Pendant Arm System

Hoffman SYSPEND 281-MAX provides a wide range of modular enclosure support arm systems to choose from supporting light to heavy loads. They are designed for modern industrial aesthetics, excellent ergonomics, and multiple component combinations. They have easy-to-install components that can be configured in a variety of ways to get the right combination for any application.
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Hoffman S2MAA SYSPEND 281-Max Angled Adapter, Stepless 30 Degrees
Hoffman S2MBC Base Coupling for SYSPEND 281-Max Suspension System. Coupling attaches enclosure directly on a horizontal surface and still allows the enclosure to be rotated 300 degrees and locked into any potition. Black finish aluminum construction.
Hoffman S2MFEC SYSPEND 281-Flange Elbow Coupling