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Hoffman SYSPEND 281 Pendant Arm System

HMI enclosures are designed specifically for the wide range of Human Machine Interface applications found in industrial settings. It is important to have customization options like removable front plates that allow for easy installation of HMI components, optional door panels that can be mounted anywhere and cutout options where needed. Some enclosures are designed to enclose, protect and suspend lightweight HMI devices. HMI enclosures should always be rated to protect sensitive systems from the sometimes harsh environments found in industrial settings. This would include protection against moisture, chemicals and dirt, as well as, temperature variations.

Hoffman SYSPEND 281-MAX pendant arm system supports up to 281 pounds at 3.3 feet and allows users to easily move controls into and out of position. The vertical motion pedestal tubes provide height-adjustable solutions for pedestal mounting. SYSPEND 281-MAX is recommended for use with SYSPEND Aluminum HMI enclosures and CONCEPT HMI enclosures.

Hoffman SYSPEND aluminum HMI enclosure is designed to accommodate touch-screen HMI devices. The single-walled aluminum reduces the overall weight of the enclosure and provides increased heat dissipation. The enclosure can be mounted on a pendant or pedestal and the integrated side handles allow for easy repositioning.

Hoffman CONCEPT HMI landscape-oriented steel enclosures are ideal for applications that utilize flat-screens, pushbuttons and other similar devices. These enclosures are made of light gray, 14 gauge steel and have a range of customization options. The enclosures have a predrilled hole in the top for pendant arm mounting and be can mounted on a pedestal when inverted. The removable front plate allows for easy installation of HMI components and the enclosure accommodates cutouts anywhere they are needed. Comfort grip handles extend the length of the profile and a hinged rear door has a single-point latch.


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Hoffman S2MAA SYSPEND 281-Max Angled Adapter, Stepless 30 Degrees
Hoffman S2MTHP SYSPEND 281-MAX Tube Hole Plugs
Hoffman S2MRL SYSPEND 281-Max Rotation Limiters
Hoffman S2MLSAE SYSPEND 281-Max Light Signal Adapters Elbow
Hoffman S2MLSAR SYSPEND 281-Max Light signal adapter Round
Hoffman S2MPBL SYSPEND 281-Max Large Pedestal Base
Hoffman S2MPBS SYSPEND 281-Max Small Pedestal Base
Hoffman S2M10VP77 SYSPEND 281-Max Vertical Motion Pedestal Tube Capacity 57-77 lbs
Hoffman S2M10VP57 SYSPEND 281-Max Vertical Motion Pedestal Tube Capacity 37-57 lbs
Hoffman S2M10VP37 SYSPEND 281-Max Vertical Motion Pedestal Tube Capacity 22-37 lb
Hoffman S2M10VP22 SYSPEND 281-Max Vertical Motion Pedestal Tube Capacity 11-22 lbs
Hoffman S2MA48 SYSPEND 281-Max 48-mm Round Tube Flange Coupling and Adapter